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What is the Most Appropriate Choice for a Carpet in the Living Room?

It is amazing how an ordinary carpet can change the look of a room. It not only adds cosiness, but also combines furniture and decor elements into a common composition. The carpet absorbs sound well and retains heat. We can conclude that the carpet in the living room carries a lot of advantages. Let’s figure out which carpet is best for your living room.

Decide on the Style and Colour

First, the choice of carpet determines the interior of your living room. If it is made in a classic style, then carpets need to be selected in it. Therefore, after the main repairs are made and the furniture is arranged, you can buy a carpet. Do not choose it in advance. Such a purchase can lead to the fact that the carpet will seem like a foreign object in the general concept of the interior.

Carpet colour is more difficult to choose, since there are a huge number of colours and design options. Choose those shades that are suitable for the existing living room decoration and those that will create the right atmosphere in it. Cool blue or green will give a relaxed atmosphere. Shades of red and gold will make the room more comfortable.

Dark colours and patterns on the carpet can hide stains. To combine carpet patterns with drawings in the interior, select them in one palette of shades.

Light colours, such as cream or beige, will make the room more spacious. However, this colour is not suitable if your interior is fully made in bright colours. A carpet of the same colour will make the design dull and monotonous.

Choose the Right Material

Examine the various types of materials in advance to find the right carpet at the right price for you. Carpets are natural and synthetic. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages.

Natural carpets are warm and soft, but such a material requires frequent carpet cleaning, and dust mites can also get in it. The most popular types of materials are wool and cotton. Woollen carpets serve for a long time (40-50 years). However, they must be cleaned often, and their price is not affordable at all. The cotton option will be cheaper, it will conduct heat well, but will serve you less than wool.

Synthetic carpets are made in a variety of colour variations, they are more budget friendy. However, much faster than natural ones, they lose their appearance and deteriorate from regular carpet cleaning. In this category, the most common options are polyamide and polypropylene. Rugs made of polyamide are durable, wear-resistant, always bright and shiny. Polypropylene carpets do not require frequent cleaning, since the pile does not allow dust to pass into its structure. However, they will last a maximum of 5 years. After that, the material loses its original beauty.

Think It Over to the Smallest Detail

Oddly enough, the choice of carpet also determines your lifestyle. For example, if you do not have time for frequent cleaning, you should buy carpets from non-marking materials.

If you often have a snack in the living room or you have pets, it is better to abandon fluffy carpets with long nap, as it will be difficult to clean the crumbs or wool from such a model. The thin and smooth texture of the carpet cleans better, so choose such models.

How to Maintain a Carpet in the Living Room?

The living room is the most important room in your home. All the people that will enter your home will be invited in this room. You will serve a cup of coffee and spend a few hours in it with your guest. So this person will have a plenty of time to inspect every inch of this room, and trust me – the dirty carpet will be the first thing to catch guest’s attention!

If you want to make an excellent first impression to the people visiting your home, and to stop worrying about the condition of your carpet, you should use professional carpet cleaning services once or twice a year. You can find many providers of steam cleaning services in London that work with safe eco-friendly preparations and offer steam carpet cleaning procedures.

Undoubtedly, you will be fascinated with the incredible transformation of your carpet after carpet steam cleaning. This is the most highly trusted method for deep carpet cleaning, as it does not involve the use of strong preparations that can possibly have negative effect on your health.

Meanwhile, if you want to take care for the domestic carpet cleaning yourself, you can use the tested carpet cleaning method – spreading dry baking soda on the carpet. After you spread the substance on the carpet, leave it to stay there for several hours, and then collect it with the vacuum cleaner. It will help you to remove the unpleasant smell and with some very persistent stains.


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