Driving offences and where to seek advice

Driving offences are of course wrong but they happen and can bring heaps of stress with them for all involved.

I remember a close friend of mine inadvertently committing one just after passing her driving test. As she was in pupillage to be a barrister at the time, she got so worked up about it all.

My husband has had several fines over the years and my brother is the same usually for speeding. Of course as a non-driver I always think I would never commit an offence but so many people get points on their licence so maybe I would fall foul of the law too. It is essential our increasingly busy roads stay as safe as possible so these laws are there for a very good reason but knowing that does not reduce the stress involved when drivers go wrong.

It is not just fines that might happen if you commit a driving offence. You might lose your licence which can be devastating if you need your car for work or for strong family reasons.

At worst, you can end up in prison for driving offences which involves the loss of liberty and potentially your job and vital family and social ties. There are cases where people who have never broken the law before find themselves in prison in middle-age or beyond having committed a driving offence.

Driving offences include those linked to the abuse of alcohol and drugs which sometimes indicate that the driver has other issues that need tackling too. Whilst we can feel desperately sorry for someone who has substance abuse issues, that does not change the fact that driving whilst under the influence is highly dangerous and can have the most catastrophic results.

Times change and we have all had recent shocks about the use of mobile phones in cars and the way that can lead to injury and death.

So what do you do if you find yourself charged with a driving offence? Laws are complex so I would advise you to seek the advice of a solicitor and quickly. It is good to see that DPP solicitors have a special campaign around driving offences and there is loads of helpful information on their website.

In conclusion, find out about the laws around driving and make sure you drive on the right side of them.


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  1. fab advice, there are so many cars on the roads now and everyone seems to be in a mad rush and so impatient, it is not worth risking being unsafe by answering a call, we have to be so careful of our safety and those around us. #ablogginggoodtime

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