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Best flooring choices for landlords

My brother used to rent out properties. He loved interior design so always aimed for a luxury feel and of course charged rents to match. However, it is hard to work out the best flooring choices for landlords as there is a risk of damage and also you never know quite how long you need it to last. It’s a balance between showing your property off at its best to potential tenants and not spending too much money.

Best flooring choices for landlords

The best flooring choices from outlets like JHS Carpets need to protect the landlords but also appeal to tenants or the property will not be rented out at all. Landlords need to think about cost, aesthetic appeal and durability.

Set a budget for flooring

Whenever you work on a property whether you intend to live in it or rent it out you need to set a budget. It is so easy to lose track of money and then you will either be in debt or making a reduced profit. Carpet is a good budget option and is easy enough to replace quickly. Even lower-priced carpet options such as gradus genus carpet tiles are pretty hard-wearing and felt-backed ones mean you don’t necessarily need underlay.

Know your target tenant

It is vital for landlords to work out that market they are aiming at. A cheap and cheerful carpet would not have appealed to the potential tenants for my brother’s properties. They were looking for top-end fittings and a luxury feel.  If you are targeting families with young children and/or pets, you may not want to invest in an expensive carpet but you will probably need a stain-resistant and durable one.

New carpets for new tenants

Landlords are under no obligation to change carpets every time a new tenant arrives. However, new carpets do give a fresh and clean impression which may mean the property is rented out that much more quickly, Even with the best tenants there can be a lingering smell in carpets or marks where there furniture was placed. Landlords can try a professional carpet clean or invest in new carpets.

What do you think are the best flooring choices for landlords?

Best Flooring Choices For Landlords

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