Your Health Is Your Most Important Asset, So Why Aren’t You Focused On It?

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Intellectually, we all know that our health is the most important asset we have. Without it, it’s hard to enjoy anything else. We feel instinctive that we need to preserve it so that we can go on living and enjoying our lives. 

Strangely, though, we don’t focus on it. For whatever reason, there’s always something more valuable we could be doing that going for a walk, taking time to meditate, or making ourselves a healthy meal. 

When you go a little deeper into the topic, you soon realise just how weird it is. Many people abandon their health entirely in pursuit of their careers. They become utterly absorbed by their work to the point where their body is just an accessory, shuffling them along. Stress takes centre stage in their lives. They “don’t have time” to eat well or exercise. All that matters is time in the office, the acquisition of money, and their stock brokerage account. 

This approach, though, is fundamentally weird. You can’t enjoy any of the proceeds of wealth if you’re in a diabetic coma. So why are we so obsessed with pursuing things other than our health?

We Think Health Is Predetermined

When people get to a certain age, they like to say things like, “we’re slowing down” or “I’m not as young as I used to be.” 

Why do they do this? Is it really because there is some fundamental reason they can’t go on being the way that they always were? Or is it a type of conditioning? For many, it’s the latter. We think nature predetermines our health. We get old and die, we tell ourselves. And while that’s true, so much of it is variable. The more we think of ourselves young, the younger we act and behave. 

We Think That The Body Is An Accessory


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A lot of us also think that the body is an accessory, just something that moves us around to get the things that we really want. But ask any chiropractor, and they’ll tell you that mind and body work together. If something is wrong in the body, it’ll also affect the mind, and vice versa. 

Separating the two, therefore, is a fool’s game. When you don’t take time for the body, you experience burnout, fatigue, and all of the ailments that so afflict many western people. 

We Believe In Pursuing, Instead Of Just Being

Take a moment to think about how a lot of people live their lives. They’re never in the present. Instead, they’re continually chasing after the next pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. If I were rich, they tell themselves, I’d finally be happy

This approach to life is exhausting because you can never truly be in the present and enjoy what is. You feel like you must continually strive and use every hour of the day for some productive end. But it frazzles the body. It can never relax. And that’s why so many people experience breakdowns. Living in that mode takes its toll. 

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