Women! Raise your Voice Against Workplace Sexual Violence

You’re at a promotional event in Galveston for a service your team has been working on, and a coworker makes a lewd proposition at you. Well, this isn’t the first time he’s made you feel uncomfortable with his sexual innuendos and other indecent behavior at work. You work in a company and industry that believes in the “Work Hard, Play Harder” culture, and you’re fond of your job. You certainly don’t want to give up the job-owing to a person’s behavior. However, one thing that’s stopping you from raising your voice is the fear of making waves about your coworker.

You feel all of this will haunt your growth prospects and career at large. With such great hassle, your friend recommends you speak to a lawyer specializing in sexual assault. It may be challenging to find the right kind of lawyer for representing yourself in a sexual abuse case. Now that you’ve made up your mind to hire a sexual assault lawyer, knowing answers to some questions will help you make a trusted decision.

What is the punishment for a sexual assault in Galveston, Texas?

Accusing someone of a sexual assault is a serious matter. The Galveston government takes the accusations pretty seriously. When the victim and accused have close relations, the sexual assault is known as a first-degree felony. The prison sentence for such a charge can be anything from five years to ninety-nine years. The court also has the right to impose a maximum fine of $10,000.

What should you look at while searching for a sexual abuse attorney?

One of the best starting points while choosing a sexual assault attorney lies with searching the law firm’s website. Scrolling through the website, you’ll know if the law firm specializes in sexual abuse cases or not. Dig deeper if you aren’t convinced of their practice cases and if they’ve been in the news for such cases before. Never be afraid to ask questions. Ensure requesting the number of points they’ve represented so that you know your case is in good hands.

How can a Lawyer Help?

Experiencing harassing conduct at work or some other place may trigger numerous questions in your mind before deciding whether you need a lawyer or not. A Galveston assault and battery lawyer will let you know:

  • Was this a sexual harassment case in the first instant?
  • What should be your response to the harasser?
  • Should you report the issue in a court of law?
  • Do you require taking some steps for protecting yourself against future harassment?

An experienced lawyer will answer all your questions and help you attain a sigh of relief.

How can they help you protect yourself?

A sexual assault lawyer will not only help you prepare a harassment report but will also advise you to take other steps for protecting yourself. Some steps include:

  • Preparing the case documents and undertaking essential discussions with the employer in case the accused is a coworker.
  • Prepares you to deal with the workplace harasser in case of continuance in the harassment.
  • Advises you the maxims of reporting future harassment cases to the employer.
  • Monitor the employer’s response to your complaint and ensure that the employer doesn’t retaliate to your complaints.

The Bottom Line

When you deal with workplace harassment, thinking about the accuser’s response may get complicated. A sexually harassment subjected employee may be emotionally drained and have confusion in her perspectives. Thus, a sexual assault lawyer can be an excellent source for drawing an action plan and formulating a strong response to enable you to get the justice you deserve. Know that the consequences of a sexual assault can be extreme. Thus, never leave all of it to chance; instead, get a criminal defense lawyer and fight for your rights. The Galveston lawyers have ample experience in representing your case. Contact the experts for hearing your case and helping you move forward.




















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