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My Rich Prince appealed to me as it claims to offer valuable advice to teenagers and young adults. I have a teenage boy and  teenage girl. As with most chapters of my children’s lives the time where they are on the cusp of adulthood has crept up on me and I feel quite unprepared. What are the right answers for them? Is it up to me to find them or should they take the  lead? Perhaps a combination of the two would be best

The author offers life advice on many issues and with some vital ones coming  back to them more than once throughout the book. I found it more of a rambling than structured read but that did not bother me as that is probably how I write too.

The book effectively brings together notes given to a son by the author over the years and covers love, money  and self-belief.

I agreed with some of the guidance, disagreed with some and was not at all sure either way on some matters. I take that as a good thing as it means the book made me think and reflect deeply on some occasions.

You can dip in and out of the book or read it all in one sitting as it is quite short. I have finished it but will keep it on the bookshelf to read again. I  know my teenage son is already interested in reading it too.

The author comments;

 “I believe that I am suitably placed to write this book because of what I have gone through in life and the observations made along the way. I was, for instance, able to leave behind a life of struggle in Africa, to face other forms of challenges in Austria on my own, learn and study in a new language, finance myself through medical school before leaving for London.”

Finally,  I would say that I don’t think anyone has all the answers and this book seems to purport to do that and sometimes verged a little on the arrogant in my opinion.  This is interesting as perhaps it suggests I have more faith in my own values and answers that I thought.



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8 thoughts on “My Rich Prince – Book Review”

  1. Books can be so helpful for the wisdom they impart but equally important for the validation they give that we are doing ok and do know more than we thought. I’m parenting small boys at the moment and can appreciate parenting teenagers is a whole different ball game!

  2. It sounds like an interesting text – and I love that it made you think and question your own thoughts and feelings, but forcing answers on you as the right and only way would put me off!
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week

  3. Sounds like it can offer a certain amount of insight, even if just to confirm your own views or give a balanced argument to them #readwithme

  4. This sounds interesting, but maybe not a must-read! I know I often question whether I’m doing the right thing for my teenagers, but they seem to be doing pretty well so far, not sure if that’s by luck or judgement!

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