Quick-Step for New Family Homes

Nobody ever said that providing a family nest is an easy task, with so many things changing throughout the years and the home needing to change with it, your head can be left spinning at what needs to be done as a priority.

The best place to begin when choosing something that keeps its strength and support for your family home is at the floor level.

Thinking of Growing Children

When you have small children running around every room, the likelihood of scratches and stains on your floors have the potential to be a regular occurrence. Therefore, it is a smart move to provide a floor option that can stand the toughest test of time through extreme durability.

With a small family no doubt taking its budget into account, the perfect balance between price and practicality exists with products like Quick-Step Luxury Vinyl.

Among the many benefits, luxury vinyl flooring offers is high water resistance which is perfect against the many spilt drinks or accidents that children and pets can produce, and as vinyl planks and tiles are simple to keep clean (usually with just occasional sweeping and mopping) it’s something you can even get the kids to do without the hassle.

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Living Long

As your family grows and begins to require different surroundings or decor, luxury vinyl flooring has a timeless appeal that can outlast all design fads and artistic flourishes by having higher rates of durability.

Vinyl flooring brands come with up to 25 years warranty, meaning your children can change from babies to young adults ready for their own home and your floor will have been safe and comfortable under their feet for the entire time.

Designs for All Rooms

Quick-Step Luxury Vinyl flooring is so versatile and family-friendly that it isn’t limited to areas like the living room.

Vinyl flooring has many qualities that make it perfect for a variety of rooms and can provide a different look for each one. For the living room, you could have abstract designs, with a stone or ceramic look for the kitchen. Upstairs you could implement light woods complete with underfloor heating and the bathroom can have a ceramic or slate look whilst protecting your subfloor from water, giving your home character and appeal whilst providing the ultimate in luxury for your whole family.

On top of these stunning designs and protective properties, vinyl flooring is a comparatively cheaper option that eliminates all of the problems that they fall prey to. Even so much as being able to install by yourself, thereby eliminating professional installer costs.

For a new family home, choose something that supports you through the decades of growth.

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