Hair Care Tips for 2021

We were all glad to see the back of 2020, though 2021 has been as challenging for our hair so far. With our favourite hairdressers out of action, we are back to self-care of our locks. The NUYU stylists have come together to compile some of their favourite hair care tips to get us through this time and flourish in 2021.

Take care of your scalp!

We spend a lot of time dealing with dry, greasy, thin, or unruly hair. However, when helping hair grow healthily, you need to treat your scalp as king. Your hair will only emerge strong if it grows from a strong base, just like a flower. You should nourish your scalp in the same way that you nourish your skin. Try exfoliating your scalp, removing the dead skills cells and flakes to encourage healthy skin cell turnover.

Start the process of increasing the health of your scalp with an exfoliating scalp mask.

Protect your hair properly

When our hair has grown longer than we like, we are more likely to use hot styling tools to take back some control. We are even more prone to overuse of heat when we feel our hair looks in bad condition. However, using hot styling tools like curlers, crimpers & straighteners will only exacerbate issues with damaged hair or hair in poor condition.

You need to make it a resolution for 2021 to use a thermal protecting product when styling your hair. Spraying on this product will shield your hair from the temperatures that can get as high as 400 degrees. You need to do this if you have coloured or bleached hair to prevent frizz and breakage.

Avoid excessive brushing

Obviously, one of the best ways to maintain a consistent hairstyle is with regular trims. However, when we cannot get an appointment with a hairdresser, we end up overcompensating by brushing our hair far more regularly. Excessive hair brushing can stretch the hair, which will make it weak and split the ends.

So, the best advice is to brush your hair once a day – and when you do, choose a paddle brush. A paddle brush is great for all hair types and textures and is perfect for detangling and smoothing your hair – especially when it is longer and thicker than usual.

Deal with the split ends

A hairdresser will always advise you to never go longer than 12 weeks without a trim, as your split ends will appear. If you have fine hair that is more easily damaged, this is best reduced to 8 weeks. So, while we are in lockdown, we may have had to go longer than advised between visits and will need to work on those split ends in other ways.

While you cannot actually repair damaged hair with products, you can use some to strengthen and smooth out the hair. Such products as a mending infusion full of proteins can stop the hair from splitting further. It gives your hair an impression of health and revitalisation – which is second only to a trim from your stylist.

Eat more protein

Does what you eat impact your hair? Well, yes. We are essentially a biological machine, and whatever fuel we put into this machine will impact the performance. So, if you have a poor diet, not only will your weight and your skin suffer, but so will your hair.

Protein helps healthy hair growth and is one of the best ways to adapt your diet to help your locks. The amount of protein you need will depend on your weight and activity level in a day. Therefore, you should seek advice on the amount of protein that will work best for you.

An onion juice treatment

While the idea of having a head that smells of onion doesn’t sound too appealing, onion juice is actually very good for the nourishment of hair follicles. It will also help your scalp restore lost nutrients.

An onion is rich in sulphur, which helps to minimise thinning and breakage. It is also a potent anti-bacterial, which will help fight infections in the scalp. Scalp infections can cause massive hair loss.

Tie back with care

Finally, getting your hair off your face. Your hair is too long, and you can’t get a haircut – so you tie it back. If you do, do not use rubber elastics, bobbles or clips, which can damage your hair and lead to an unsightly texture. If you want to tie your hair back at night, trying using soft cloths, scarves, etc. to pull your hair back and not elastic.

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