Becoming a Body Shop at Home Consultant

Becoming an Independent Consultant for The Body Shop at Home is a new adventure. My life has changed so radically since this time last year when I was living in lovely community in France with friends and family around me. I wonder how I got through all the losses of the last year but somehow I seem to be still standing. It’s time for me to build a new life in the UK again and I hope you will be behind me all the way. I need my cheer-leaders right now!

Re-building my identity

If you are mum, you will know how your own identity can get a little lost in the parenting mix of responsibilities and worries. That happened to me. In a way, I am a typical case. I put on weight massively. I had undiagnosed post-natal depression. I found it hard to motivate myself to walk around the block.

I got better but then life will throw another curve-ball. This year I lost my life in France, my friends, my house and my husband. After more than 20 years with my husband, it feels so odd to cope without him by my side. I miss our friendship and times together. I realise how he took control of certain areas of life that I now need to learn. I am remembering how capable I was as a single young woman and that all that ability still remains.

My personal beauty journey

I have never perceived myself as a beautiful. I was always the clever one so I identified with that. I didn’t have sisters to show me how to use make-up and other beauty products. I experimented with make-up as a young woman loving vibrant colours in particular. Over the years, I got a bit lazy and also resentful about having to meet a certain standard to be acceptable as a woman. Whilst I still think all of us have our own individual beauty inside and out, I see there is fun to be had experimenting with new looks. More importantly, I feel it is important to treat ourselves and to know we matter too. There’s a little bit of me at the age of 52 that thinks if I want to look great, it’s now or never!

Since this is a positive post, I will celebrate how people comment kindly on my smooth skin and my wild hair. I am also on a successful weight loss and exercise journey and  look forward to sharing tips in my new Positive Beauty Bubble.

Your invitation to the Positive Beauty Bubble

I rediscovered myself through blogging over the years realising I was not alone in my thoughts and feelings. We used to have a wonderful blogging community in the early days before it became all about the money. I am hoping to replicate that community feel in my Postive Beauty Bubble over on Facebook. I’d love you to get involved. It’s absolutely free and we will talk about beauty, wellbeing and life. Let’s face it life is a little tricky right now so finding a safe and supportive group of like-minded women can only help. It’s going to be very exciting in the Positive Beauty Bubble with games, videos, product tutorials, exclusive offers and more. I’ll be looking forward to hearing your ideas and thoughts too! You will never be under any pressure to buy things from me. You might win a giveaway or find out about special discounts and deals. You will be welcome in the Positive Beauty Bubble just to chat too.

The Body Shop

I have always loved The Body Shop. I used to spend money on luscious treats for myself, my family and  friends. It’s such a great store that makes you feel good with all the lovely scents as you enter the shop. I loved how an inspirational woman had established the brand. I adored how the company was always involved with campaigns  to make the world a better place. It is wonderful to see so many vegan products these days.

So I hope to see you in The Positive Beauty Bubble and I look forward to sharing my personal Body Shop journey with you.


Award-winning writer, blogger, social media consultant and charity campaigner. Social Media Manager for BritMums, the UK's largest parent blogging network Freelance clients include Firefly Communications and Save the Children UK. Works with brands on marketing projects. Examples include Visit Orlando, Give As You Live, Coca-Cola and Kodak. Cambridge Law graduate with many years experience working across three sectors in advice, media relations, events, training and project management. Available for hire at affordable rates.


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