Brave By Rose McGowan

Brave by Rose McGowan – a book review

Brave by Rose McGowan was published in paperback, eBook and audiobook by HQ on March 5th 2019. I was honoured to be asked to receive an advance copy. I like to think my blog plays its small part in supporting women but let’s face it Rose has changed the whole future for women and girls. She has done this by speaking out and I am pleased she has no intention of stopping doing that.

Brave by Rose McGowan

Brave By RoseMcGowan

Thoughts before reading Brave

I did not expect Brave by Rose McGowan to be an easy read. I kept looking at it almost putting off starting to read it. I know women and girls face so much abuse in society. Our everyday lives are blighted by it. My mum was attacked on the street as a young teenager. She then went on to face bullying in the workplace. I was attacked on the street in my late teens and was punished for getting pregnant in the workplace. I have step-daughters who faced every type of abuse. I only heard last week that another family member is escaping domestic violence. I have a college friend who self-harmed due to childhood sexual abuse. It goes on and on and it is not good enough. I was very into women’s rights in my teens and twenties and nobody is more sad than me that what I thought then has proved to be right. Sexual, physical and emotional abuses are rife and so few find it easy to reveal. So before reading the book I knew I was in for a bumpy ride.

Brave surprises

Brave by Rose McGowan surprised me in that it is by no means just about that monstrous man we all now know the name of. In fact he is not named in the book at all and features very little. I love that! This is Rose’s story and not his. Rose has quite a story from being born into a cult that had abusive practices to finding herself street homeless as a young teen to discovery as an actress leading to her Hollywood horrors. Be prepared for the appropriate use of language as she tells her tale and calls things out for what they are.

Hollywood horrors

One of the things I took away from the book is how we are all so affected by Hollywood. I had never really thought about that before. Hollywood has provided so much of our entertainment over the years and has conditioned us to expect certain things of women and girls including our individual selves. Actually, that’s the point! How many of us struggle as individuals all too aware we do not live up to what Hollywood and other “authorities” tell us we should be. It is absolutely time we were brave enough to make sure our real selves are revealed and our voices heard.

What I loved about Brave by Rose McGowan

As expected this is not a comfortable read. Books that change lives so much for the better rarely are. It is easy to read though and I actually felt I could hear Rose’s voice. In fact, there were some paragraphs where it felt as if she was speaking to me directly. Despite identifying as a feminist, I face abuse too and find myself accepting it all too often. Perhaps we all do but I am still idealistic enough to think each one of us has the power to change things for the better. In fact, Brave by Rose McGowan has inspired me to focus more on women in this blog moving forwards. I believe bloggers have a huge opportunity to share real stories and to challenge the status quo. Let’s tell our own stories and celebrate individual women and girls rather than parading some pseudo-perfect nonsense,.

What I did not like about Brave by Rose McGowan

Nothing apart from the fact that it had to be written in the first place. Rose has so much to give as the individual she is and now celebrates but for now it is great that she is sharing her story and calling out abuse for what it is in a raw and honest memoir. It acts as a call to arms that can change your world and mine.

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Brave By Rose McGowan




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