Ways To Celebrate World Book Day At Home

Ways to celebrate World Book Day at home

How do you celebrate World Book Day at home? Celebrating Wold Book Day as a home educator is huge fun. As a family, you can come up with creative ways to have a fun and educational day. As with so many aspect of home educating, you get to do it your way with plenty of giggles and snuggles along the way. Here are a few ideas to get you started and you might also like to check out recent research revealing the Internet’s favourite bedtime book.

Use educational resources online

You can check out the World Book Day website for ideas of books to read, videos, podcasts and quizzes. You might want to check out other learning sites such as Twinkl who will have activity packs available. Parenting and blogger networks include ideas that will inspire you to celebrate World Book Day.

Dress up

You can dress up at home or go out for the day perhaps attending a home education group because despite what so many believe, home-educated children do socialise. You can also get in on the dressing up action – it’s not just for children!


Be inspired by great books to become a writer yourself. You could have a go at producing a comic or newspaper. You can also encourage your children to write book reviews or to correspond with their favourite authors. Imagine how thrilled they would be if the author writes back.

Talking and listening

You could chat as a family about the different types of books you like. You can share thoughts and feelings about plots and characters. Parents can share how books have perhaps changed their lives in some way. I think it is lovely when you come together as a family to celebrate World Book Day perhaps involving older generations too.


You could hold a themed party or picnic based on a certain book with yummy refreshments. You could use recipe books to cook up a storm from baking to main courses. Cooking can include learning about science and history too.


You could encourage your children to act out a scene from a favourite book. Alternatively, you could make a puppet theatre and puppets to reflect a book’s characters. You could practise and put on a show for friends and relatives.

Library visit

It is always good to support the local library. Most of them will be doing something around World Book Day. If you are a member of a home education group, the library might host a special visit showing you’re their resources.


You could encourage a spirit of giving in your children by donating unwanted books to charity shops or medical centres.

How do you celebrate World Book Day at home?

Ways To Celebrate World Book Day At Home


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