AngioPlasty Stent Insertion

Angioplasty Stent Insertion for blocked arteries

Angioplasty stent insertion is a treatment process that opens blocked coronary arteries of patient to normalise the blood flow to the heart muscle. It is a preferred treatment over open-heart surgery due to there being lesser risk involved.

It can be performed in urgent situations, such as when someone suffers from a severe heart attack, and is often the go-to option in cases where a patient has time to decide which treatment option to go for.

In the treatment, a catheter with a tiny balloon on its tip is inserted into the blocked coronary artery. When it reaches its target i.e. the blockage, the doctors inflate the balloon.

The inflated balloon pushes the accumulated plaque (which is the blockage) to the artery’s sides, making room for the blood to pass through.

Angioplasty stent insertion

A stent is a small and stretchy metal mesh coil, which is used in almost all angioplasty treatments. It’s put into the area of the artery that was treated with the purpose of stopping it from narrowing or closing again. Within a month, the stent becomes covered by the scar tissue.

Angioplasty stent insertion does not involve any risks, but before you go for the treatment, do make sure that it is the only choice of treatment you have.

How to confirm if you really need to undergo angioplasty stent insertion?There are a few questions you should ask your cardiologist to verify if there is a need to undergo angioplasty. You can ask the following questions in this regard:

  • Are there any risks involved if I opt for this treatment?
  • Will angioplasty stent insertion help me feel better?
  • Will the post-treatment preventions allow me to have a healthy and active routine?
  • Is there an alternative medication that can treat my symptoms?

If you are still in doubt after receiving all the answers, it is advisable that you get a second opinion. If your symptoms are mild, you can delay the decision. If the symptoms worsen, consult your cardiologist again.

Who is a likely candidate?

Heart bypass surgery is the last resort to treat heart problems. But before you move on to this last resort, angioplasty stent insertion is a recommended option. There are certain conditions when you are a likely candidate for an angioplasty stent insertion.

Some of those conditions are as follows:

Difficulty in Maintaining Quality of Life

If you have already undergone or are still undergoing conventional or even alternative treatments, but you have physical symptoms constantly, symptoms which interfere with your quality of life, angioplasty is a likely option.

A few of the other signs are:

  • Constant uneasiness in chest
  • Breathlessness
  • Lethargy and exhaustion after physical exertion
Coronary Artery Blockage

If the main coronary artery on the left side is 70% blocked, the heart specialist may suggest angioplasty stent insertion.

Recent Heart Attack

In addition to suffering from heart attack recently, if your present nuclear treadmill test shows intense EKG changes, you are at the risk of aggravating the heart problem.

These are a few signs that indicate the likelihood of you undergoing the angioplasty stent insertion. At Inside Radiology, you can read more details about the procedure of angioplasty.

The best way to treat heart diseases is the healthy and organic way of living, with greater focus on regular exercise and balanced diet.






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