Laser Eye Surgery Criteria

Laser Eye Surgery criteria and you

Eyesight is one of five core senses that human beings are blessed with. Our eyes translate light into image signals for the brain to understand. If a person’s ability to see diminishes, it will cause issues in their day to day lives. Everything they do will be affected by a reduced capacity. Now, many people choose to wear glasses to counteract sight problems and help them see more clearly. But there’s the constant rigmarole of finding your glasses, cleaning them, looking into getting replacement lenses and more. Others will prefer contact lenses, but these can make your eyes dry or sore with extended use and they can easily be lost. Although there is no cure yet for complete blindness, people who are visually impaired can undergo refractive eye surgery and restore their eyesight. Find out the laser eye surgery criteria to see if is it right for you.

Laser eye surgery criteria

Not every case is eligible for laser eye surgery. Candidates must meet certain conditions before they are deemed suitable for the procedure.

Eye specialists such as can assess whether you qualify for LASIK (Laser Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis). The basic requirements that must be completed are:

21 and Over

Candidates must be at least 21 years of age before they can be considered for laser eye surgery. Any issues are likely to remain constant after maturity which is why a minimum age is set.

There is no upper limit age wise, but patients above 40 may need prescription glasses once their corrective surgery is performed. This will be necessary to deal with presbyopia, a condition which affects the elasticity of the eyes, resulting in long sightedness.

Healthy Eyes

Patients must not be suffering from any eye disease or abnormality. Any condition that may affect your ability to recover after laser eye surgery will be assessed. Examples which could exclude you from surgery are persistent dry eyes. It is a syndrome where they eyes do not produce enough lubrication. If you have conjunctivitis or pink eye, you cannot undergo the surgery as well.


They must be able to lie down, which is a needed for LASIK surgical process.


If women are in their pregnancy phase, they must delay their surgery. LASIK is also not suitable for mothers who are nursing their children. Hormonal changes affect the female body in a number of ways and a little known fact is that the cornea is also subject to change.

Pregnancy also makes your eyes drier and medications which must be taken before and after the procedure may affect your unborn child poorly. Once the hormone imbalance subsides, only then can women undergo laser eye surgery.

Dilated Pupils

Yet another prerequisite is that your pupils must not be too large. This will influence your chances of surgery. People with naturally wide pupils will face a higher risk of the side effects of laser eye surgery. These include halos, glares and starbursts, particularly during night time.

Adjusting Expectations

If you are considering laser eye surgery, it is important to understand the risks attached too. Results may vary on a case by case basis. Therefore, you should think carefully if it is appropriate for you, consult your doctor and plan accordingly. Ophthalmologists, who perform the LASIK surgery, will examine particular cases before proceeding but the factors given above are the most significant.

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