Benefits Of Good Skateboard Bearings Vs Cheap Bearings

Skateboard bearings are small round metal pieces that are fitted inside the wheels to determine how fast and smooth the wheels can rotate. The uniform sizes of bearing are 8mm (core), 22mm (outer diameter), and 7 mm (width).

Skateboards bearings are sold in a set of eight, for each wheel requires two bearings. However, if you are thinking of getting some new skateboard bearings for the first time you may want to consider some basic factors; like the bearing materials, the ratings that is if whether they are labeled “ABEC rating” or “skate rating” and also the price of the bearings of which is  mostly ignored. If you have been skating for some time then you probably have realized that good skateboard bearings can be a bit pricey but will keep your skateboard moving and let you ride with more speed rather than the cheap bearings that will only serve the purpose for a short time. Here will point out some of the benefits of good skateboard bearings Vs cheap bearings.

Less Heat Conductors

Good skateboard bearings are known to be less heat conductors for they are made of high-quality material that can tolerate a high level of friction even at high speeds. Unlike the cheap bearings that are made of low-quality metal that is likely to expand and fall out when too much friction acts upon them.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

They say “If you want to go fast keep ‘em clean!” Majority of good bearings are the high-end units that are designed to have removable plastic shield retainers that can be removed to access the bearings and re-lubricate them for better speed performance. Unlike the cheap bearings that have a non-removable shield that cannot support cleaning or lubricating that will help in speed boosting.

Incredible Fast And Have Consistent Speed.

Skateboard bearings have a speed rating of about 34,000rpm, but good quality bearings have about 48,000rpm making them 80% faster. With their innovative physical design, good bearings come with a rubber shield to keep out debris and a nylon ball retainer that makes them have higher speed, faster acceleration, and greater strength to withstand any physical impact. The good bearings are also self-lubricated, unlike the standards cheap bearings that require speed cream to reduce friction and boost their speed.

Operate Smoothly, Quietly, And Effortlessly.

Good skateboard bearings have a super finishing; good surface polishing and the majority of them are pre-lubricated making them operate quietly and effortlessly. Unlike the cheap bearings that are tend to give a squealing noise due to poor quality finishing, less lubricant, and manufacturing defects.

Hopefully, with  these benefits, they will help you make an informed decision on whether to invest in good quality bearings that will serve  your  longtime needs and purpose or rather go for the cheap bearings that are likely to be low quality and less durable.




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