Protecting Your Business From Crime

Protecting your business from crime

When you set up a business, you are often making a long-held dream into a reality. Often this involves a big commitment of time, perhaps risks to your own home and the investment of lots of your hard-earned cash. The last thing you need at any time but particularly in the first years of your business is for it to fall victim to crime. Protecting your business from crime is important and here are some tips to do so.

Protecting your business from crime

You need to ensure your premises are not burgled. Look out for vulnerable access points and think if you need special equipment from somewhere like Barriers Direct. Think about CCTV and ensure you a high quality alarm system in place. If you make significant changes to your premises, check with the local planning authorities in advance.

Make useful contacts to combat crime

Your council are happy to support local business so ask them for tips on making your business less susceptible to crime. It goes without saying that your local crime prevention officer is another great contact to have. They will have an idea of the types of crime businesses fall prey to in your area. Also do all you can to prevent yourself from cyber crime perhaps by speaking to an IT consultant.

Staff training and protecting your business from crime

Remember you have a duty of care to your staff and that you should look after yourself too. Security training is available and it is vital your employees know what to do should things go wrong. For example, staff should always give up any money or goods rather than put themselves at risk of injury or worse. Good security training will help your people know what constitutes suspicious behaviour. You should have good and clear systems in place for your staff to report crime or their suspicions about other people on or around your premises.

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