7 Relationship Tips for New Couples

Anyone can dive into a new relationship but not everyone can maintain and keep it healthy. Every relationship is unique and comes with different demands, expectations, and possibilities. Well, a new relationship is full of potential, possibilities, and discovery-not just because of our partners but due to our wants, needs, and desires.  If you are a new couple in town, you are in the right place. Here we explore some tips that will help you start your new journey on the right foot:

Forget the Past

Yes, this should be the first line of defense for your new relationship perimeter for obvious reasons. You are subscribing to a new relationship and you don’t want your past experience to ruin your new love life. Perhaps your previous relationships were marred by unhealthy drama, unfulfilled promises, or insincerity that inevitably ended in terrible heartbreaks. Well, it doesn’t matter now because you have jumped into a new thing. Shun the negative fears, concerns, and experiences of past relationships.

Don’t bring them into your new relationship because you are laying the ground for an inevitable mess. Avoid sharing or oversharing your past experience dates. Don’t interrogate your partner about their past relationship to squeeze something negative about it. Just keep your conversations focused on the new relationship and try to know each other better. Engage your partner and run away from targeted questioning if you want to keep your love ticking.

Go Slow

Speed is crucial in a plethora of processes but not in the relationship arena. It could be tricky to balance that excitement but you need to get your brakes working fine. Rushing things because of emotions or feelings may turn things inside out and ruin your new relationship. Remember there is time for everything. Before upgrading the game to the next level, you must take time to know each other better. There are a lot of things you need to discover about your partner in the early stages of dating. So if you don’t want to miss several crucial things about your partner, then go slow.

Avoid Comparison

Relationship experts agree that comparing your relationship to other relationships or partners does you more harm than good. Every relationship is unique in its own way. Your desires, expectations, and needs may not exactly match those of other people. Maybe your ex-boyfriend used to take you to the best vacation spots or did things a different way and you feel that the present is under-performing. Remember you are now living in the present and not the past. If your past relationship looked more sparkling than the present then ask yourself why you are in a new relationship. Remember no relationship is perfect and that you might be picking the few loopholes in the current relationship to highlight the mess you think you are in.

Go for STD Testing

In a world where sexually transmitted infections are on a high scale, you can’t rule out the possibility that either or both of you are infected. While many people fear to talk or mention STDs, the crux of the matter is that they pose a threat to life and must be given deserved attention. You don’t want to raise the alarm when it is late yet it is possible to know your status before diving into intimacy and sex. Knowing your STD status is not a matter of life and death for your new relationship. If the results turn out positive, you simply go for treatment and things are going to be fine again. It is best to go for rapid std testing to discover your status. The good thing with rapid std testing centers is privacy and speed. You can contact them without the knowledge of your partner, get tested, and find your results in less than three business days. There is every reason to search for std testing near me and get tested if you want to build a formidable and healthy relationship.

Avoid Bragging

According to relationship experts, bragging is a massive turnoff for both parties in a relationship. You may want to initially impress your partner about your life and achievements but you ought to do it smartly. If the partner already likes you, there is no need to continually chant impression-seeking lines because it can be easily taken for pride.

There are myriads of ways to show how you are proud of yourself without highlighting your life’s achievements.

Rate Actions more Than Words

The common phrase “actions speak louder than words” will never lie even in the relationship world. People tend to talk a lot and make multiple promises to impress and give a dose of hope into the relationship. While it is easy to get carried with the words, pay more attention to the actions.

If someone introduces you to friends, relatives, or family members, chances are high that this person sees you in his or her future. On the other side, someone who talks about yearning to spend time with you and is not making any effort to be available for you at the moment needs a red flag.

Avoid Being Needy

Subscribing to a new relationship comes with new demands that may affect your daily routine. However, it should not restrict you from doing the things you used to do. The beginning of a new relationship will eat much of your free time. So, if you used to meet your family, friends, or play favorite games, perhaps you will lose some portion of that time.

While this is the case, avoid constantly demanding more time because there is also a world besides relationships.  If you go beyond the threshold with your calls, texts, or other demands, your partner might feel bothered and stressed up. This is dangerous and can smash the fragile relationship.

Final Remarks

A relationship is a mix of happiness, excitement, and fear yet everyone yearns for a smile throughout the journey.  If you ditched singlehood or retired your old relationship for a new ship, then toss a glass of wine with your new lover and get ready for an exciting journey!

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