Where To Explore the Best Nightlife In LA

Nightlife in Los Angeles is nothing short of electric and vibrant. Promoters put in valiant efforts to book extravagant venues and hire top international DJs for a night of endless fun. Stylist fashionistas and tastemakers are also not left behind as they too want their spot in the limelight. LA is a prime destination for many celebrities who love to party hard and escape reality. Also for those who get hold of a fake ID from a website like Fake Your Drank and party the night away! This article will explore the numerous comedy venues, dance clubs, and live music shows you can attend in LA after dark.


Hollywood is the most prominent landmark in LA and probably the most cliché tourist destination. However, apart from getting a selfie with the iconic letters, there are plenty of after-dark activities you could enjoy. You could opt to visit vibrant nightclubs such as the Sayers Club, Avalon, or the classic Frolic Room. If you are on a budget but still want to have fun, the Best Western is the perfect choice for you.

Pacific Palisades

Located north of Santa Monica, the Pacific Palisades is a scenic destination where the moonlight meets the sea. This city contains auspicious bed and breakfast hotels and late-night spots such as the SHOREbar, where you can dance under the moonlight to your heart’s delight. One hotel, known as the Channel Road Inn, contains genteel quarters that allow guests and tourists to live like locals until they check out.

Santa Monica

Santa Monica was designed for a more mellow audience who enjoy 90s pop music and conversations over cocktails. If you fancy a cold beer with your pals, there are a plethora of bars you could visit, such as the Library Alehouse and the divey Barkowski. Book your accommodation at the Shore Hotel, Ocean View Hotel, and the Sea Blue Hotel to get up close and personal with the fun beach parties and vibrant bars this city has to offer.

West Hollywood

If you are part of the LGBTQ community or enjoy Halloween celebrations, you will love your stay in West Hollywood. This area of LA is known to attract large and vibrant crowds, so you are guaranteed to have a fun-filled night. For those who feel like spending some extra bucks on a luxurious experience, the West Hollywood Edition and the Best Western Plus Sunset Plaza Hotel are great options.

Hermosa Beach

Of the three beach cities in LA, Hermosa Beach elicits a stronger party vibe and is an ideal destination if you love to dance till the sun comes up. You can also go for thrilling Karaoke sessions at Hennessy’s Tavern every Monday night or the Lighthouse Café during the weekends. If you are interested in a more laid-back and casual affair, you could visit Beach House or the Hotel Casa del Mar. Plenty of stand-up comedy nights are available in this magical beach city if you feel like taking a break from all the drinking.

Gaucho Steakhouse

The Gaucho Steakhouse is an authentic Brazilian nightclub and steakhouse that traces back from Rio Grande Do Sul. If you are craving a taste of the san ramon nightlife, this steakhouse is the place to be. At Gaucho Steakhouse, the delicious skewered meat is carved out for you right before your eyes as you sit at your table. There is also live music and a DJ to play your favorite tunes. You could also sit back and enjoy a glass of wine or a classic Brazilian cocktail.


Venice is synonymous with sunny beaches and perfect party nights. You could surf in the ocean or bask in the sun by day and enjoy the after-dark beach parties by night. The food scene in Venice is quite spectacular, and you can find tasty food in the Abbot Kinney. We assure you that the drinks flow freely in the renowned Gjelina or the famous Otheroom wine bar. There are also plenty of late-night cocktails and breakfast joints for those of you who party hard into the night and would like to recharge. If you are not much of a party-goer, you could enjoy a quiet beach jog in the wee hours of the morning.


One downside of late-night partying is that hardly any restaurants or food joints are open. Fortunately, in Koreatown, when the party stops, you can always find a great spot to recharge before tucking into bed. It would be best if you visited the Wiltern, the Lock and Key cocktail bar, and the Beer Belly bar. If you don’t have a place to crash while in Koreatown, you could check out The Line Hotel, which contains accommodation and two restaurants, all at your disposal.

Long Beach

Long Beach is quite a long way from California, but that doesn’t mean the nightlife is any short of fun. You could enjoy live music shows at the Federal Bar or visit the Aquarium of the Pacific and feast your eyes on the wondrous marine life. The food and drinks at Beachwood BBQ and Stache Bar are to die for, and you could get accommodation at the Renaissance Long Beach Hotel or the Casa Bonita and Third Street Apartments.

Downtown LA

An upside to visiting Downtown LA is that this area is well-connected to the metro system. Therefore, you will be able to move around without hiring a car. The nightlife scene in LA has greatly improved, with bars and clubs such as the Clifton’s being reopened and renovated. Other examples of late-night venues include Mikkeller, Prank, and Slipper Clutch. If you are looking for boutique hotels for accommodation, you can check out the Freehand Los Angeles and 14-room Tuck Hotel.

Wrapping up

The city of Los Angeles comes alive at night, and there is something for everyone. If you are not a fan of drinking, there are plenty of dance clubs open where you can break a leg and show your latest dance moves. For anyone who fancies a good laugh, you would be pleased to know that LA is home to many stand-up comedy clubs that will make you laugh till your ribs hurt.

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