How To Buy Shirts For The Men In Your Life

How to buy shirts for the men in your life

Some men love shopping while others would rather someone else did it for them. This is the case for all kinds of reasons. Often, they just do not feel that they have much fashion sense, so don’t have any confidence in their ability to make the right choices. I remember helping a fellow student with his shopping many years ago. If you have men in your life that feel like this, you are sure to enjoy my top tips on how to buy shirts for the men in your life.


Go online to get the best selection – how to buy shirts for the men in your life

My first tip is to do your shopping online.

Finding clothes to fit tall, heavily muscled or overweight men is not easy. Very few High Street shops cater for them properly. But, as you can see here this online retailer does. They sell a wide selection of men’s shirts and cater for larger men.

They sell clothes that will fit a man with a 70-inch chest, something very few other retailers do. You will find browsing online far easier than walking around the shops and will certainly get a better choice by shopping that way.


Getting the sizing right

One of the biggest challenges you face when it comes to shirt buying is getting the sizing right. If at all possible measure the man you are buying for. Doing so will make the buying process so much easier. If you cannot get his measurements, try to root out an old shirt that fits him well and get the details you need from that.

To do this, button up the shirt and lay it out flat on a hard surface. Smooth it out, place the tape on top of the seam to ensure it is located correctly. Always measure straight across the material, the tape must never be sloped, not even slightly.

Take the chest measurement just below the armpits. To get the waist measurement, locate the narrowest point between the bottom of the shirt and the armpits. That is usually around button 5 or 6 down.

If you are buying from a physical shop take the seat measurement too. Run the tape across the bottom of the shirt along the straight edge at the front. Measure the length by turning the shirt over and running the tape from just below the collar to the bottom edge of the garment.

Lastly, if you are buying a dress shirt, take the collar measurement. Also, if the person you are purchasing the shirt for is unusually large in a certain part of their body make a note of that measurement too. For example, if you are buying for a bodybuilder pay particular attention to shoulder width and how big the sleeve is at the bicep point.


Make the right style choice

Try to resist the temptation to buy the type of shirt you would like to see on the person you are buying for. Instead, think about his tastes and buy accordingly.

Provided you do all of the above you should end up purchasing a shirt that fits well and looks great. It is wise to keep the receipt and know your consumer rights, just in case it does need to be changed.

Hopefully, you have found this article interesting and it will prove useful for you in the future. If you have enjoyed reading it you can take a look at a few of my other fashion related posts, by clicking this link.


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    Thanks for sharing this wonderful tips. I got my boyfriend a checked T-shirt from the store you listed above. Nice one.

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