Ways to learn from home as a family

We are always hearing about the ability to work from home and the advantages of so doing. We know we need to be commuting in our cars less for the sake of our environment. We have superb technology available to us so that for most jobs going out of the home is not really necessary. We hear less about learning from home. There are similar benefits and learning is a proven way to enhance our skills but also to feel better emotionally. Here are 5 ways to learn from home.

Find a tutor

When my older brother was struggling with his education, my parents sought a tutor and put his success in his exam down to that decision. Tutors can provide that personal support on a one-to-one basis. I am thinking about getting a tutor for my children next year as we continue our home education  journey. It is worth checking out websites like Tavistock Tutors Online Tutoring to see what is available.


Too many of us stick to one genre when it comes to reading. In the New Year I challenge you to try something different. If you routinely read fiction, try something of the non-fiction variety. If you were interested in something as a child that  you never went on to pursue, it is not too late to read up on that topic. You can read in the traditional way via a book, use the technological advances with a e-reader or go back to the real joys of an audio book.

Share your passions

You will usually find many interests in just one family. In mine. we have an opera singer, a merchandiser and advice workers. My teenagers know so much more than I do about video games and technology. It is good to come together in groups or duos to share these passions and to promote enhanced learning right across the family unit.  We can all learn from each other and have a giggle whilst doing so too.

Get outside

You don’t have to wander far from your front door to learn loads. It is all about looking actively around you. Why is that street name so called? What type of tree is that?  When you are outside even if just in your own garden or yard, you are taking in that vital Vitamin D and will return feeling so much better in yourself. Don’t forget to walk to your local library and museums to see what learning opportunities they have on offer.


Too many of us just do basic cooking to stay alive these days as we juggle increasingly busy lives. We are poorer for that. Cooking is one of the best activities for learning as you can incorporate history, science, geography, mathematics and literacy when making just one meal. That is before you even get started on the art of cookery itself. Children love to be in the kitchen and are more likely to eat things that they have made too.

Can you suggest ways to learn from home for my readers?


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