Sleigh this Year’s Holiday Season With These Fun Party Ideas

Having seen all the things go awry this year, it can be safely said that everyone is looking forward to the next year with hopes high. However, with lockdown restrictions still in place in certain areas, this year’s new year party might end up staying at home.

But no matter, we have got you covered. When it comes to party planning, there is always a degree of pressure. And obviously, you would not want anything to go wrong. With these ideas, we can assure you that your NYE party is something that people will remember long after.

Ornament Making Party + Holiday Craft Night

This is a really fun way to get a party started. You could either choose to inform your guests in advance or keep it as a surprise. Select a Christmas ornament beforehand and get supplies to help them make their versions at the party.

Along with them, you could also go for a holiday craft night activity. Maybe it could be a do-it-yourself Yuletide wreath or a creative revamp of an old item. You could always look around to find what you can work with, like an old window or creating something out of old pots and containers. Host a ‘Craftaganza Party’ at home and see them enjoy and put their best crafty efforts.

Bonfire Night with friends and family

With the dip in outdoor temperature, creating a bonfire right in the middle of comfortable outdoor seating will definitely get your party started. Inexpensive and cozy, it is the perfect setting to ponder over various discussions and stuff that happened, thus calling it a year. Just make sure that you have adequate room for everyone to mingle freely and avoid any untoward accidents. Remember to maintain the social distancing norms so that everyone could be safe.

You could also utilize the bonfire to roast foods like vegetables, meats, or the ever-popular marshmallows on long skewers and you could have snacks going around consistently. Keep the rekindling materials close by and the inflammable ones out of reach. You can also incorporate fun activities like campfire songs or ghost stories.

A Christmas Carol-oke

If your kids love to sing and there are many carols that they can churn out at the drop of a hat, then get your party started with hymns and carols this beautiful season. All you need is a karaoke machine, and the fun holiday party can get started in no time. Make your guests remember all the childhood carols they used to sing and see even the elders joining this one with much enthusiasm.

Playing Christmas Games

One can’t play conventional Christmas games any other time of the year. They are some of the best childhood memories, and you could bring them back for everyone to enjoy with a little twist.

If you can brave the snow, you could plan a Cornhole or a Snowman making competition among your kin. And if it is something warm and cozy that they prefer, oldies like Monopoly, Pictionary, the White Elephant gift exchange, Mad Libs, and so on. The holiday season is all about spending time with friends and family, and playing all these games can help you do just that.

Feast Around the World

What is a party without good food? And if it is this time of the year, the more food, the merrier. As a distinctive element, you could segregate the dishes thematically and select different cuisine foods from other parts of the world.

As an alternate, you could also have your guests contribute in too for a potluck arrangement. With different kinds of food sales going everywhere like the current Kroger ad, hunting for different palates would not be difficult at all. Your kins would get to eat and enjoy various world delicacies all at one place with the festive cheer.

Christmas Tour Lights

Going out may no longer be an option, but there could not be any stopping for masked walk-ins, right? Maintaining the Covid guidelines, you could all go out on a walking tour bundled up in heavy woolens to enjoy the Christmas lights nearby. The surreal sights and beauty of the lights in the dark may blow you away.

The Conclusion

This year has been challenging for everyone in different ways. So, distracting ourselves with some festivities won’t harm anyone. In fact, a party with family and friends could help you to re-energize and regain yourself. We hope that these ideas help you to plan and organize your New Year party with no hassles. Happy Holidays!

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