Floods And Their Impact

Floods and their impact on communities

Floods are on our minds more than ever before in the United Kingdom. If we are lucky and not affected, we feel for the struggles of those who are. If we are flooded, the impact can be overwhelming both practically and emotionally. There are some real health issues when flooding hits. We really do need to urgently look at floods and their impact on communities,

I have found myself living in various places with a flood history over the years including Carlisle, Hull, Malton and York. Fortunately, the worst it has got for me is not being able to access a favourite pub or to take my usual route to work. Very minor irritations compared with so many individuals and families.

I asked some friends who are in flood areas to describe their experiences.

Becky described how losing things you can’t replace is traumatic.

Ironically as water levels rise, there can be a shortage of clean water. Emma told me that there was no water for weeks in Gloucester so the Army brought in bottled water.

Whilst facing filth, stench, damage and loss, people find themselves faced with negotiations with insurance companies and telecom providers.

As the floods subside, questions are raised as to who is to blame for these issues.

Even whilst such debates are held, communities affected are beginning to realise that consequences of flooding last far longer than media interest in the issue. Businesses need commercial insurance to protect themselves against things like flooding.

As with all challenges, sometimes we see the best of humanity when times are tough. Communities pull together and share what they have. People who might not normally talk to each other do and people focus on things that really matter.

Do you have experience of floods and their impact on communities?

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