How to Decorate Your Home WIth Accent Lampshades

When you are decorating your home, you want certain things to stand out to reflect your style. That includes your tables, your sofa, your rugs… your lampshade? Yes, you can display your personality with a lampshade.

You can look for a handwoven accent lampshade – they are far more colorful than the ordinary white ones that one often sees for sale. Read on to learn more.

Paint Them

You can use house paint for this. First, lightly draw your patterns with a pencil and then apply the paint – be sure to use even coats. Do this slow so that you can get the lines that you want and get the finished product that you desire.

DIp-Dye Them

This requires a tub full of hot water. First check the level you want the color to reach on the shade, then apply the dye and dip the lamp in for roughly 10 to 15 minutes. You drain the tub and repeat the process for the other levels of the lamp.

Put Pleats on Them

Pleated lamps add a certain whimsy to their design, and can add certain patterns to the wall. You just need fabric glue, border clips, and spray glue to get it all set up. The results will look fantastic.

Paint Them WIth Watercolor

Here is another chance to indulge your inner artist – just paint with watercolors. You can use traditional ones or possibly use food coloring mixed with cornstarch, among other things. Just pay attention to the possible dripping so that the colors don’t run.

Wrap Them With Rope

Want a nautical-themed lampshade? Wrap cord around the bottom part of the lampshade.. you can change colors every few layers to make a striking pattern. The results would make a sailor proud!

Make a Pattern on Them With Thread and Needle

Are you someone skilled with these instruments? Put that to use on your lampshade… make whatever pattern your mind can think of – be it geometric or anything else.

There are many other things that you can do, including spray painting certain colors, both inside and out, adding an ombre effect, putting coastal colors on the interior, and putting dots all around the exterior. You have so many choices to put a stamp of creativity on these when it comes to decorating your home with accent lampshades. Ultimately, you will be proud to display these to visitors.

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