Activities to Help Your Child’s Personal Development

Throughout life a child will learn to get to grips with many different skills that enhance their development, encourage them to learn about themselves and help with their life skills. To work on these kinds of skills we can always explore activities we can refer to at any time in a child’s development.

Here are some activities we recommend from this nursery in Wandsworth.

Exploring different forms of art

Getting out the arts and crafts is commonplace in most homes with children, but diversifying that art can greatly help their skills. Your child can explore a lot of different forms of painting for instance – from making handprints with paint to placing water on the canvas and adding little droplets of paint. It will also allow your child to explore the many different kinds of art out there and find what interests them. Get them trying out a range of different activities to generally broaden their horizons.

Make reading a fun and engaging activity

Reading is of course a valuable process regardless of how you go about it with your child. Learning to pick up a book every day with your child will get them used to the process of picking up new words, grammar and understanding sentence structure.

You can also use this time as an opportunity to find hidden messages within your child’s favourite stories. It will help them learn about issues and problem solving methods, which will develop into more complex issues as your child grows older.

Play music

Exploring different sounds and the combination of melodies you can create through so many instruments is why music is a great activity to arrange with your kids. It will give your child the chance to explore different tunes and what they can use to practice.

You can buy inexpensive toys that can make music for your child, or head to an activity centre or play area where they can further test their skills. From xylophones to guitars and keyboards – let your child explore all that they can.


Something that’s easy to get out and tests the brain is in a good puzzle set. Many are available that can be picked out by your child – especially if it’s a jigsaw that has their favourite character or film on it. Great for rainy days, it will test your child’s problem solving and decision making skills.


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