How To Teach A Baby To Walk

How to teach a baby to walk when they are ready

The baby starts walking when they are between 10 to 18 months old. From the transition of crawling to walking, it is a different stage for babies. When you see your baby trying to stand up and walk, you can provide them encouragement and follow a few techniques to let them learn to walk. These are the techniques you can follow to know how to teach a baby to walk.

How To Teach A Baby To Walk

1.   Let them bounce on your lap – how  to teach a baby to walk

When the baby starts standing up and is trying to walk, lift them up, and let them bounce on your lap. This way you will teach them to sit on their knees and stand up. It develops motor skills and they learn to practice how to bend their knees when sitting and learn how to stand up. This is a primary skill that you can let them develop when they are learning to walk. You can also get them a bounce chair so they develop motor skills and it strengthens the muscles of their legs.

2.   Use toys to make them walk

You can use toys to make the baby stand up and walk. Place the toys in a position so that they can try to reach it. Most of the babies learn to stand on their own and you can teach them how to sit back. You can also hold their hands and make them walk along with you in slow and steady steps. You can also use a push toy like a shopping cart to let them learn to walk on their own by holding this push toy. Supervise when they are doing this activity.

3.   Keep the furniture aligned

You can line up the furniture in a way that the baby can use its support and start walking. This helps them walk and practice walking every day. Make sure that you baby-proof the setting of the furniture and there are no harmful elements that can prick or injure the baby in any way. Slowly let them hold your hand and use the furniture as a grip with the other hand. This way they can start learning to walk on their own with some practice.

4.   Let them walk barefoot

Avoid wearing them indoor shoes or socks. Let them walk barefoot when they start walking. Ensure that the surface is non-toxic and free from any injuring elements. It lets the baby get a better grip of the surface when they are walking. You can always assist your baby by holding their upper arms and letting them walk at their own pace. Do not let force your baby to walk and let them enjoy this activity and learn to walk, stand, and sit with some practice.

5.   Let them walk with the pets

Kids love the company of a pet like a dog or a cat. When you have a dog at home, it is a way to encourage them to walk along with the pet. Choose a dog that has a calm temperament and is good with kids. It must be on the lease so you can let the kid walk along with the dog. Let your kid have some dog treats so they can feed the dog while they walk along with them. Kids love spending time with animals and this is a good idea to let them walk with the pet.

6.   Let them dance on music

Play songs and music that they love and let them dance. This encourages them to stand and bounce. Regularly letting them bounce strengthens the muscles of their legs and encourages them to start walking. Let them take a break every 10 minutes when they are walking and practice this every day so they start walking independently.

7.   Play the game of tug-of-war

This is a fun way to make them walk and let them learn how to walk with the support of the rope. They learn to stand up on their feet and walk towards you. Put some toys and stuffed animals on the rope for them to reach so it encourages them better to reach the other end of the rope.

8.   Give them a reward

Every Time your kid reaches a few steps, give them a treat. This encourages them to take a few more steps and learn to walk faster. This is one of the fastest methods to teach and encourage them to walk faster and learn to walk independently.

9.   Have a pool time with your baby

This is one of the rewarding methods to strengthen the leg muscles of your baby. If your baby is old enough to spend time with you in the pool, let them kick their legs inside the pool. When they kick their legs against the resistance of the water inside the pool, it gives them better strength to start walking on the ground. These are one of the few techniques on how to teach a baby to walk when they start walking for the first time.

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