Why Do People Choose Cremation Over Traditional Burial?    

The method of reducing human remains to bone fragments is known as cremation. The fragments are incinerated into extremely fine particles, referred to as ashes or cremated remains (also called cremains). The remains are stored in a unique urn or container.

For several purposes, many people prefer cremation as their final disposition. Cremation accounts for nearly half of all deaths in the United States, and the number is steadily increasing year after year.

Many people opt for cremation over the more conventional casketed ground burial because of greater religious acceptance, less adherence to family rituals, and an increasingly mobile population.

Here are some of the main reasons to prefer cremation over traditional burial:


When compared to traditional burial, cremation is a less expensive option. If you hold a ceremony for a loved one, there is a significant impact on costs. Since cremation is merely a method of disposing of the body, you can always perform whatever ceremony you choose based on your budget.

Direct cremation, under which the body is cremated without any other facilities, is the most economical option; however, if you want a handcrafted urn and a service, you’ll likely spend a lot more.


Cremation eliminates the need for a more formal ground burial ceremony that includes a casket, pallbearers, etc. An urn is much smaller than a full-sized casket, making it much simpler to handle.

You also are not forced to have funeral services or other procedures if you or your loved one wishes. Cremation makes the process more personal and creative, particularly for those who want to give their loved ones a very special send-off.


Traditional burial takes up a lot of room in the ground and often requires many chemicals for embalming the body.

Cremation does emit carbon dioxide, but as equipment and technology advances, the environmental effect is lessening. Cremation is considered more environmentally friendly because of the reduced use of space and other materials to safe keep the body.


Claustrophobia may make someone feel terrified at the prospect of being buried for all eternity. With visitors walking over their graves, it can be uncomfortable for a loved one. Even if you haven’t been diagnosed with claustrophobia, the idea can be overwhelming.

Some do not like the idea of their bodies decomposing. Although it is usually preserved before burial, the chemicals just slow down the process. The body eventually breaks down, and no one likes to think about it happening to them or a loved one.


Cremation may be appealing for practical purposes, such as not having to worry about a gravesite being preserved years after someone who knew or cared for the individual has passed away.

And, as families become less nuclear and more dispersed, they do not stay in one place. Cremation allows for several memorial sites or the storage of a loved one’s ashes in an urn for quick transportation.

People’s mindsets are changing and opening up to the idea of cremation. There is a better understanding of the entire process. You can safely cremate the body of your loved one and keep the ashes in a unique urn in memory of their life on earth.

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