How to change your blog logo easily

What do bloggers do in lock down? I am tempted to say they do what they do all year round putting hours of work into their blogs. I am not convinced blog readers have any idea just how much effort goes into blogs. There are so many decisions to make along the way and so many networks to engage with. If bloggers want to monetize their blogs they really have to up their game in a very competitive marketplace. Commercial brands and public relations companies will only want to work with the quality blogs. It can be challenging to know what to focus on first but one thing that can make all the difference is the look of your blog. Today I am posting tips on how to change your blog logo easily.

My story

I started blogging as a therapeutic outlet when I was experiencing  post-natal depression. I did not know blogger networks existed. I was scared to put any images on my blog as I did not know how to do so. I felt fat and frumpy so there was no way I was going to share a photograph in public.  I was unaware of the bells and whistles of blogging tech. I  just wrote from the heart with no expectation that anyone would ever read my stuff. Over time, I started to connect with other bloggers when they read my blog. Later I joined Twitter and kind bloggers would share their experiences and knowledge. I began to take pride in my blog and want it to look better. I have engaged people to design various logos for me over the years and also used things that are out there on the Internet. Just like with shoes, as soon as I am satisfied with my blog you can bet it won’t be too long before I want to have a play with the look of it again.


I have recently discovered the very exciting Fontbundles as I consider an alternative to My Fonts for my blog. This a font database favoured by graphic designers, bloggers and crafters. The font bundles and special promotions really get your creative juices going. Take a look and you will not be disappointed.

You can include the superb range of awesome  fonts on lots of things from your crafts to your graphics. For the blogger, Fontbundles is a treasure trove of delights when it comes to fonts for your blog logo.

Once upon a time typography was a complicated art that took a long time to design. Those days are gone and anyone can have a go at jazzing up their blog with creative fonts easily. Fontbundles include free fonts and ones you can pay for. It is a really exciting website as new fonts are released all the time. Don’t just think about your blog logo but see how the site can help you with handmade gifts and products like birthday cards to let your loved ones know you care.

Having fun with FontBundles

Fontbundles is one of those websites where you can lose yourself merrily for a while. It makes you realise just what is possible when it comes to creative fonts. You learn so much about the different fonts you can have for your blog logo. You might want to go with something specifically designed with your niche in mind such as ones for food or eco-friendly blogs. They even have special choices for legal and medical blogs. The bundles come with great texts and images. My advice would be to really indulge yourself on FontBundles working out what you really want for your blog or other projects. Like myself, I am sure you will be amazed at the diverse choices and also the huge discounts on bundles.

Seasonal greetings

Yet another superb discovery on FontBundles is the range of seasonal bundles available. Experienced bloggers know how vital it is to tap into the seasons such as Valentine’s Day, Fall and Christmas to attract new readers and customers. FontBundles cover all these and more. Even just looking at the website gets your creative juices going.

In conclusion, I would strongly advise bloggers and indeed anyone to take a look at FontBundles. They have choices for every budget including freebies to get you started on an exciting journey of creativity and fun.

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