How To Turn Your Garden Into A Private Oasis
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Turn your garden into a private oasis

For budding gardeners, your garden is your pride and joy and possibly your favourite location in the home. A private slice of green-space away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. You might spend every evening outside in your garden, host weekend events or use it as a growing space to grow your own fruit, vegetables and herbs. So, making it look good and functional is going to be high on your priority list. It is time to discover how to turn your garden into a private oasis.


Are you looking to start your garden from scratch or possibly make it easier to maintain? We look at ways to turn your garden into your own private oasis.

Make it Private

Have you got a garden that’s overlooked or nosy neighbours that like to peer over the fence? Consider adding a privacy wall using a trellis, divider screens and plants. Established climber plants look great and help block out visibility to anyone trying to peek in. Alternatively, if you’ve got a metal trellis, consider attaching potted plants and you’ll have more option for plant colour.

Break Out the Big Leaves

Tall, leafy foliage is great for invoking a sense of paradise, combine with some smaller, colourful flowers and you’ve got a striking display. Hardy palm trees and broad-leaf ferns are great for bringing various shades of green to your display and can be used to provide shade.

Structure Your Life

Installing garden structures is a great way to section off certain areas. For instance, using decking or slabs for an outside dining area. Pergolas are fantastic versatile structures, grow plants up the supports and through the upper beams or cover with a removable shade for those intense sunny days. Consider a “chill-out area” using a bench or hammock surrounded by leafy plants for an exotic atmosphere.

Light It Up

Adding lights to the garden can offer an instant transformation, from helpful path markers to atmospheric fairy lights in your parasol or across your pergola. Soft, white lights give a warm feeling and are great for areas you want to feel relaxed and comfortable. While multicoloured lights are great for creating a sense of fun.

Make It Easy to Maintain

While there are those that enjoy spending days in the garden pulling up weeds, planting and maintaining that lush, green look. Many of us would like to enjoy the garden without the hassle. Consider replacing your natural sod with artificial grass, it’s cost-effective, saving money on seed, tools and water and very low maintenance. Once installed, artificial grass only requires occasional brushing to keep the grass pile looking tidy.

Should you have a paved patio and are concerned about the costs of having slabs replaced with natural turf, artificial grass can be easily installed on concrete and instantly revitalises the area.

Make a Splash

Water features have long been a popular addition for gardens, from garden ponds to stand-alone fountains. Not only are water features visually pleasing but the sound of running water has an instant calming effect. While garden ponds require some maintenance to keep inhabitants happy, a pond-less water feature is a perfect way to introduce a focal point that requires little upkeep.

Warm, Fuzzy Feelings

While British Summers can bring us some glorious days, once the sun has set and the residual heat starts to dissipate, it can start to feel quite chilly. By adding a fire-pit or patio heater, you can extend the time you spend in your garden and can be perfect for entertaining guests. It also makes a nice focal point to gather round. The added bonus of installing a fire-pit is, of course, roasted marshmallows under the stars – is there a better way to spend the evening?



Your garden is yours to design and decorate as much or as little as you like. Whether it’s low maintenance with artificial grass, a few plants and a nice break-out area or a full-on exotic jungle complete with water feature and outdoor dining area. Your only restriction is your imagination.

Do you have any tips on how to turn your garden into a private oasis to share with my readers?

Turn Your Garden Into A Private Oasis



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