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8 Finishing Touches To Add To Your New Garden

No garden is ever really finished. You can touch it up and change it all you like, but in the end, there will always be something else you can do. Like all art, a great garden cannot be completed; you’ll always find some aspect of it that needs extra work. The goal, therefore, becomes not to “finish” it, but to get the garden to a state where doing anything more would ruin the balance you’ve created. In this way, you’re technically still adding “finishing touches” even though you’re not completing the project. Here are 8 ways you can add final flourishes to your garden.

  1. Add some more plants

Wildflowers, fruit and vegetable crops, wall creepers…there’s always scope to add more plants to your garden. After all, what is a garden but a place for nature to grow and be uninhibited? There’s no shame in adding more plants to your garden if it’s what you want; as long as you can care for them as they need, then you can do whatever you like. If you’re looking for somewhere to get high-quality seeds – be they wildflower seeds, crops, or anything else – click here. When you’re looking at a garden in full bloom, you’ll thank yourself that you grew more stuff.

  1. Grow your own food

Have you got a full contingent of flowerbeds and edged lawns? Looking for something else to add to your garden to give it that final zing? Why not start growing your own food? Doing so is a lot easier than you might think and could save you money in the long run too. Think about what you eat on a regular basis and whether you could replace any of the ingredients you routinely use with home-grown alternatives. Great places to start include tomatoes, potatoes, apples, strawberries, and onions. These require little care compared to other plants and will yield great results.

  1. Add a seating arrangement

Whether you’re a cold-weather fiend or you love the summer, a seating arrangement in your garden can give you, your family, and guests an attractive alternative to sitting indoors with a home-cooked meal. Nothing beats sipping tomato soup from a flask on a cold day before a fire, except maybe roasting marshmallows on a particularly pleasant summer evening. For extra creativity, string up hammock-style seating or set up a hammock stand between any trees you might have in your garden. That way, you’re using the space effectively and adding seating. What’s not to love?

  1. Build or buy a greenhouse

If you’re growing your own fruit and vegetables, then a greenhouse is pretty much a prerequisite; otherwise, you’re going to find that a lot of your crops suffer and struggle during the winter months. Building your own greenhouse isn’t too difficult if you’re au fait with DIY principles; we wouldn’t recommend it as a newbie DIY project, but if you’ve got some experience then it’s a great way to step up your game. Alternately, you could buy a pre-packaged greenhouse. For bonus points, install a heating system and seating in the greenhouse and voila: somewhere else to enjoy your meals!

  1. Install a shed

Many writers and other people who work from home struggle with distractions, especially if their home office doubles up as another room in the house (a bedroom, for example, or a living room). You can combat this problem very effectively by getting yourself a shed. These buildings serve as excellent home office solutions, although you will need to make sure that you can supply electricity to them. Alternately, they’re great DIY workstations, places to relax, or secret adventure hideouts for your kids (or you, if you’re feeling particularly youthful).

  1. Edge lawns and flowerbeds

Edging your lawn is the perfect way to add the finishing touches to your already-beautiful garden project. Clean lawn edges transform an unkempt, scruffy garden into a neat paradise. You can even edge your lawn simply by mowing it if you’re skilled enough. This goes double for the front garden, because edging shows off your talent, your eye for aesthetics, and your desire to keep everything prim and proper. This isn’t necessary if you’re wild at heart and you love the idea of an unkempt garden, but it’s something to consider.

  1. Try some unconventional flowerpots

Everyone’s seen the terracotta flowerpots that usually act as staging grounds for flowers to grow and blossom. Have you ever tried slightly more unconventional ideas for flowerpots? Everything from disused watering cans to empty tins and even plastic bottles can make a great place to grow and display your favourite flowers. As long as it offers fairly adequate protection for your plant and stops the roots overextending then you can use it as a flowerpot. This is also an excellent way to contribute to environmentalism; you can reuse plastic bottles without throwing them away.

  1. Add some garden lighting

What use is all your hard work in the garden if you can’t see what you’ve done by night? Some of the most beautiful sights to be had in your garden involve viewing it at dusk or just as the sun is starting to set. By adding garden lighting, you can transform the space into a magical grotto. You’d be amazed just how gorgeous your garden can look when you’ve installed even rudimentary garden lighting. Floor lamps, hanging lights, and free-standing options are all perfect, so choose your lighting according to what your personal preferences are.

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