Here’s Why Living In A Big City Can Increase Anxiety – And How Talkspace Can Help

Most of modern society’s constituents live in a metropolitan, urban, or suburban area. People routinely choose to live in or near these places because job opportunities are typically plentiful, salaries and wages are almost always higher than in rural areas, and there are far more sources of entertainment than in less-populated areas.

Estimates show that some four-fifths of all United States citizens live in such urban areas.

Sometimes, people feel forced to move to or near big cities because of employment opportunities. Not wanting to move somewhere and going through with that move is a common cause of anxiety. The anxiety that big-city living causes can be remedied by seeking mental health treatment in person or through the Internet via service providers like Talkspace. Here are three major reasons why living in a big city often results in mental health issues – particularly anxiety.

Sounds never seem to stop or slow down

Even if you don’t move to the city that never sleeps – New York City – sounds are more plentiful in larger areas. Many people report feeling like they can’t get a break from the constant sounds, making them worry. While light-proof curtains and noise-cancelling earphones can improve symptoms of anxiety, seeking mental health treatment is a better option.

Living near big cities is linked to mental illness

People who live in neighborhoods that experience more industrial activity – things like traffic filled with eighteen-wheelers and skylines with plumes of smoke – are inherently more likely to suffer from mental health issues. Industrial activity is always greater in big cities than in rural areas.

Stress goes through the roof

Noise is intrinsically linked to mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Mental health treatment is a far better idea than buying effective headphones.

What do you think about products, services, and businesses with positive reviews?

Statistics indicate that most modern consumers look to the World Wide Web in search of reviews of products and services they plan on buying, as well as reviews of businesses – not just the particular products or services consumers are interested in. Seeing what other people think of businesses, products, and services is helpful because their experiences are likely to be similar to your own experience with them.

Talkspace reviews are overwhelmingly positive. The web-based mental health services provider is considered so helpful because it does things like offering free live video sessions with therapists to people who’ve recently matched with providers of their choosing. Further, Talkspace reviews are so great because people don’t have to wait very long to get in touch with mental health service providers.

The company is also considerably civic-minded. Take, for example, how Talkspace gave away 500 free months’ worth of therapy to victims of sexual assault last year. The giveaway came shortly after allegations made by some 80 women against film and entertainment mogul Harvey Weinstein were broken to news media outlets.


Anxiety Big Cities And Who Can Help

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