Best UK Days Out With The Kids
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Best UK days out with the kids

It can be tricky at times to work out the best places to take the kids in the UK. The combination of distance and cost always needs to be assessed, especially if you’re taking a full car-load of excited children. The good news, however, is that you don’t have to spend a fortune, and it’s not all about theme parks and waiting in long lines either. Ideally, the best places to take your kids are those destinations that will entertain them, and if you can squeeze in a little learning as well, then that’s just the icing on the cake. If you’re struggling to find somewhere to take the kids that tick all of the boxes, then these top four options might be your best bet. Let’s look at the best UK days out with the kids.

The Science Museum, London

If you have any up-and-coming scientists in your family, then you’re definitely going to want to take them to the Science Museum. Perfect for those inquisitive and curious minds, the Science Museum has a wide range of interactive experiences, as well as movies shown in the IMAX theatre. With everything from robots to rocket ships, the budding scientists will be sure to find some inspiration and wonder after just a few hours. Perfect for kids of all ages!

Warner Bros Studio Tour, London

For Harry Potter fans, nothing is going to beat a day at the Warner Bros Studio Tour. This one is a bit of a no-brainer, especially as the tour gives you the chance to board the Hogwarts Express and even step into the Great Hall where the characters enjoyed so many experiences. There are behind the scenes exhibitions which will reveal some of the secrets to the magic, as well as a full range of iconic costumes and props that were used in the films themselves. There are public transport links to the tour, but many people find that it’s quicker, cheaper, and easier to simply rent a car for the day and drive straight there; click here to find out more. You’ll have to judge your children’s enthusiasm for this one, because if they’re not fans of the series, then they’re not going to enjoy it as much.

Camera Obscura and World of Illusions, Edinburgh

If you’re close to Edinburgh, then you certainly need to take the time to visit the Camera Obscura. With six floors of special effects, puzzles, interactive games and much more, this is one of the UK’s oldest attractions, and it’s still going strong today. Finish the day with a trip to the top of the tower to check out the Camera Obscura itself, where your children can stand inside a live projection of Edinburgh, and pretend to squish people with their fingers! It might not be the ideal venue for older teenagers, but for younger teens and even toddlers, the smoke and mirrors and magic will keep them spellbound.

Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

If you are close to Antrim, Northern Ireland, then you’re going to want to take the kids to see the Giant’s Causeway at some point. This is the perfect destination for those parents hoping to introduce a little magic and mystery into their children’s lives. The UNESCO-listed formation of rocks are enough to spark the imaginations of any child, and you’ll be able to see the awe on their faces when they spot the Causeway for the first time. Spend the day scrambling over rocks, and you’ll also exhaust them too!

There’s plenty to do with your children that doesn’t mean bland, sterile theme parks. Use your time with them to spark some creativity and curiosity, and you’ll all gain much more from the experience than you ever would standing in line for the latest rollercoaster.

What are you best UK days out with the kids?

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