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Top tips for losing weight successfully

I quite like my weekly routine of getting weighed on Monday morning. This week I have lost another pound which is not bad at all considering rather too much indulgence in alcohol and Half-Term activities preventing me taking as much exercise as I would have liked. Here are my top tips on losing weight one baby step at a time.

1. You do need to be in the right mindset to lose weight. I am in that now but this has taken many years whereas for you it might be days, weeks or months. What I am saying is that you should not beat yourself up if you are not able to lose weight just now. Revisit the journey when your head is in the right place. Negative self-talk will only lead to self-sabotating behaviours.

2. You do not need fancy slimming products to lose weight. Healthy eating works just fine.

3. Remember this is your quest and don’t let other people sabotage your efforts.

4. Don’t get overly hung up with targets each week. If you stay the same or lose weight, you are heading in the right direction. Celebrate that.

5. Don’t set a specific medium or long-term target that is fixed. Pick a range that you could settle for. Mine is between 3 and 6 stone lost by the end of September 2012 in addition to the (more than) stone that I have lost in the last 7 weeks.

6. Being accountable to your blog, your diary or in any other way where you have to acknowledge your efforts each week helps. Mumentum is a great blog hop for that over on the New Mum Online blog

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7. I also find that by imagining myself slim and how my story might inspire others in due course really helps to keep me on track.

8. Think about the healthy foods that you do love and make sure you include lots of those in your weekly diet so that you feel you are treating yourself even if you are not heading for the chocolate cake.

I am no weight loss expert but I do know what I am doing now is working for me. That is why I say what I find helpful in the hope it might assist others.

Here’s hoping you see a little less of me next week.

Do you have top tips for losing weight to share with my readers?

Originally posted 2011-10-31 09:47:11.

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  • Jackie Aitchison

    Very sensible attitude, and I so agree the head in the right place is the most important thing. I have started to try and lose weight recently and I have managed 10 lbs so far. I had a few goes and all went wrong then I thought, right analyse what I like to eat, when I like to eat, the fact that I have health issues meant I sometime was too tired to bother so would do without or have something easy and high in calories. I am losing slowly but surely and I dont feel I am missing out too much etc. I think if you are ready and make sure you are organised to suit you, it has a good chance of not only losing the weight, but keeping it off.

  • Older mum

    Very sensible, gentle and realistic approach. I really like the being accountable to your blog point hence why I am joining in grooving mums. Wow – you have been busy on the keypad this week!

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