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Favourite Holiday Moments from my life

My favourite holiday moments are important to me as they always took place with family. My Dad was of the view holidays mattered massively and that other things could wait but the making of memories could not. I think he was very wise in knowing that travel helps us to relax and broadens the mind too.

I quite fancy repeating some of my favourite holiday moments with my children and have found a cheaper deal here for Malta and as I always watch the pennies that is great to know.

I still remember Dad taking us off to Malta when I was little. I remember great architecture, friendly people and so much laughter with my brothers and uncle as well as my parents. One particular moment was throwing a bucket of cold water over my brother on the beach. Let’s just say he was not impressed as he was in his early twenties and trying to look cool. Dad shared great stories from his days in the Navy during the war when he was stationed there so could spend time sunbathing after his duties were completed for the day.

When I was around 10 years of age, we started sharing holidays with my cousin Sean and Auntie Margaret and Uncle Cyril. They were real fans of Spain so we went to various resorts. I remember a waiter singing one night and my Auntie saying he was singing to her whilst my Mum rolled her eyes at her deluded sister. Dad would take us out to events such a medieval banquets and Mum so enjoyed our visit to Granada with her passionate love of history.

We once spent a Christmas in Germany on the Rhine. Mum and Dad were sad they could not share some favourite places with me due to severe flooding. Of course, I enjoyed the whole drama of the flooding and it was different to have Christmas lunch in Germany. Mum was ill one day and so Dad took us on a brilliant wine-tasting day with Santa on the train on the way there and back.

I have a passionate love for France due to really special holidays with my parents travelling down to the Vendee and then staying in a villa there for the week and then travelling back to explore different regions of France. I remember friendly people and fine food and drink with huge langoustines on the Loire and my Mum’s favourite Cointreau on the rocks.

Later, when I was panicking at the idea of going to Cambridge University, my brother took me to different areas of France including the Camargue to see the ponies and the lovely Ceret near the Pyrenees. I thought this was like paradise with cherry crepes and cider in the little square whilst youths buzzed around on mopeds turning the head of my 17 year old self. The place we stayed had a lovely balcony where you could watch the most amazing sunsets. Very happy times!

So there you have a selection of my favourite holiday moments and I would love to hear about yours.



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