Timeless Trends In The Fashion World
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Timeless trends in the fashion world

This year I have decided to lose the leggings and baggy T-shirt look and to experiment with fashion again. I think so many mums can lose their way when it comes to expressing themselves through their outfits. Practical clothing is OK but can make us look like clones when we already feel we are losing a sense of self when we are constantly referred to as “Alex’s mum” rather than by our own name. After years in the style wasteland, looking at timeless trends can spark a new enthusiasm for rocking our own look.

There are classic looks that come back time and time again. How many of us wish we had kept a favourite jacket that went out of fashion but is now back on the catwalk?

My favourite trend of all is from the 50s because I think this would have suited my figure best accentuating the waist and then flaring out so cover any little tummy bump I might be sporting. The skirts were calf-length so you did not risk revealing too much and colours were bright and sassy. Perfect!

I love the flapper girl look on other people celebrating the best of the 20s but it is not for me. I much prefer to have sleeves in dresses and I am not sure I am fit enough to pull of the Charleston.

The 60s were OK and saw mini skirts which are definitely not my choice and also the introduction of the little black dress. Whist I accept a little black dress can be useful on so many occasions,  I always think it is best jazzed up a bit with accessories to add a little colour or bling.

I was a child in the 70s and I don’t think we ever really appreciate the fashion trends from when we are children as we probably associate them with our mothers. So you can keep your flared jeans thank you.

In the 80s I was a teenager and we honestly thought at that point that as women we would be able to have it all. Deluded or what? Power-dressing was in with big shoulder pads. I liked them if they were sewn in properly. I also remember loving Laura Ashley and Monsoon in this period.

By the 90s I was working so my emphasis was on keeping smart and professional looking. Double denim passed me by and I lost interest in pop music as this point too.

I became a mum in 2000 and so boho chic passed me by entirely as I mopped up baby sick and kept house.

Have you seen the fun infographic from Chums recently? What timeless trends mean the most to you?


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  • Janet

    I have been thinking the same thing about the leggings and baggy t-shirt problem. I find it difficult to buy the right things. #BloggerClubUK

  • Jayne @ Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs

    What a fab infographic!
    I always tend to go for jeans/jeggings or leggings coupled with a sweatshirt. I really need to get a grip and step out of my comfort zone.

    Thanks for sharing with #MMBC x

  • The Mummy Bubble

    I am trying to be more adventurous with my wardrobe but it’s tough when all you do all day is work or chase kids around a muddy field! I love this style through the ages image! Thanks for sharing with #fortheloveofBLOG

  • Michelle Kellogg

    I was a total 90’s kid back in the day. My teenager years. Brings back memories. I always hated those shoulder pads and bell bottoms were never really my thing but I do like pants with a little bit of flare at the bottom. In my early 20’s before I had kids I remember there was the halter top fashion that was pretty big. I still have pictures of me wearing those to the clubs lol. #FamilyFunLinky

  • Alana - Burnished Chaos

    I’m definitely stuck in the skinny jeans and baggy top trend and would love to experiment a bit more. I’d love to have the confidence to wear dresses more often.
    Thank you for joining the #FamilyFunLinky x

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