5 Benefits of Distance Learning

The global pandemic has led many of us to question our life choices to date. We are suddenly very aware that life can be short and that if we want to be happy and fulfilled, the time is now. I find I am happiest when I am learning. I was unusual at school as I was happier in the classroom than in the playground. I am the one to sign up to loads of training courses in the workplace. I used to be far more ambitious than I am now so wanted lots of things that would impress potential employers. These days I take a more relaxed approach making sure I do things I like as well as things that will help me progress career wise. With this in mind, I recently signed up for a creative writing course and wanted to highlight 5 benefits of experiences like the online courses available from Distance Learning Centre.

It’s possible during lockdowns

Distance learning is available whatever is going on as we all adapt to a life blighted by Coronavirus. We are learning that via video call technology like Zoom and Teams, we can have virtual classrooms. Not only are we learning about the topic of the course we signed up to but we are also learning how best to appear online.

You can do it in your loungewear

I really mean that if you are busy with work, business and/or parenting, squeezing in the commute to a college or other learning environment can be a challenge. Even on the toughest of days, I found it possible to switch off from my other responsibilities and luxuriate in my creative writing for 2 hours per week. Some course providers don’t expect you to attend at any particular time and you can work when you like and at your own pace.

It is less stressful

If you are a little introverted, it can be challenging to turn up in a classroom and meet a load of apparently confident students. How do you ask a question when you think it might be a stupid one? Distance learning is less exposing and means you can reveal yourself as much or as little as feels comfortable to you. You can use the chat function on video call technology if you don’t want to speak out loud and you can switch your camera off if it all gets too much. If examinations are your worst nightmare, you can choose a course where there are no exams to contend with.


There are so many topics you can learn about via distance learning. You may choose something that intrigues you, something you are passionate about or something that will enhance your employability.  I have always fancied doing a course in Ancient History just for fun. My creative writing course has given me the confidence to start the novel I keep saying I will have published one day. I have a clear view of the type of courses that would get me more job interviews.

Lower costs

Distance learning means you don’t have to factor in travel costs to the venue. Nor do you have to move to accommodation near your learning provider. Depending on your individual or family circumstances, there may be financial help available to cover course costs and any equipment you might need.

Do you have a positive experience of distance learning?






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  • Catherine

    I’ve done several courses through distance learning and have taken advantage of more opportunities during the pandemic. The only problem for me is that if I don’t have a set time each week to take part I fall behind and don’t finish. I need a regular timetable!


  • Lisa Blair

    Great points, Kate! I appreciate the recommendation to the Distance Learning Centre. I’ve used Udemy online as it has various courses for fun or for preparations for certifications, etc.
    ~Lisa, Visiting from Anything Goes Linky #293

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