Saving Money On Your Heating Bills

Saving money on heating bills

Saving money on heating bills is a big issue especially when it is so very cold outside. Fuel bills are a big part of most families’ expenditure so every pound saved helps the struggle to make ends meet.

Saving money on heating bills

Phil Wicks, managing director of Focal Point Fires, shares his advice for saving money on your heating bills this winter: “A built-in thermostat, available on most modern electric fires, is a convenient way to control a comfortable level of heat in the room.

“Digital displays on models such as the Pasadena (available from B&Q) allow you to set a temperature and a timer. By using the thermostat less energy is required to maintain a constant level of heat as, opposed to switching a fire on when you get cold and off when you get hot – this, in turn, saves the pennies as it is more efficient to use a set level, rather than turn on and off.

“Gas is often a cheaper way to heat your home, a flueless gas fire doesn’t require a chimney and turns 100% of the fuel to heat for the room, rather than escaping up the chimney. The Leirvik (available from B&Q later this month) is a brilliant alternative to solid fuel stoves or older open fronted gas fires, all that is required is access to a gas supply and installation from a Gas Safe registered engineer.”

Gas or electricity?

Taking British Gas rates as an example, 1kWh of gas typically costs 3.89p compared to 14.36p for electricity (both costs including VAT). This tends to make gas the number one choice for homes, despite the advances of electric fires. Combined with high heat efficiencies and low running costs, today’s gas fires offer affordable warmth, visual comfort and are a powerful weapon in the fight against fuel poverty.

Facts for reference

  • British Gas rates correct as of 21/09/2017
  • 84% of the 24 million homes in the UK rely on gas for heating and hot water
  • Gas fires emit half the CO2 emissions of an electric fire
  • Flueless gas fires do not require a chimney or flue and therefore offer a cleaner, more convenient, household alternative in comparison to solid fuel stoves
  • Gas fires are never subject to disrupted power supplies and there are no complex electronics to worry about
  • Typically, electric fires require more maintenance than gas
  • Natural gas is one of the safest sources of energy
  • The low cost of running a gas fire also means that the elderly and those trapped in fuel poverty don’t need to worry as much about their heating bills each month

Do you have any tips for saving money on heating bills? Is it time you updated your central heating system?

Saving Money On Heating Bills


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