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Finding great childcare is always challenging. We want to ensure our little ones are safe at all times. We want them to be well cared for and to be stimulated so that they learn through play. I remember when I was pregnant and intending to return to work not really thinking I would need childcare until my mum mentioned it to me. Over the years I have asked grandparents and family friends to help out. I have also used private nurseries and once employed a nanny. In these challenging times with Coronavirus meaning our lives can change so very quickly when it comes to working and other responsibilities, it is important to know where to find childcare that you can trust.

Where to find childcare are an award-winning online social networking platform for parents, childcare providers and private tutors.  With over 2 million members since they launched in 2009, with apps for both iOS and Android users.  This powerful platform is all about connecting the right  people.


How Do I Know My Children Will Be Safe?

You can check out reviews by other parents when you have those wobbly moments about entrusting your precious child to someone else who will initially be a stranger to you.

screenshot of reviews
screen shot of reviews

Peace of mind is vital when looking into childcare.

Finding Suitable Childcare

finding childcare



You have a lot of choice available when it comes to childcare by using this platform. You can discover specific services offered by different providers, find out where they are based and see how they will fit in with your particular requirements. You don’t have to give your your personal information until you are absolutely ready to do so.


This is such a wonderful one stop shop service for parents needing childcare, especially at the moment while we are all dealing with a global pandemic.  You may be a key worker and need last minute childcare. You may have illness in the family or have had a bereavement. In stressful situations, this amazing platform is your friend.

How are you coping with child care?


When you are looking or Child Care





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