The benefits of steam showers

Spa days are a delightful treat particularly loved by women. Imagine if you could take a little of that luxurious feeling into your own bathroom. Treat yourself to a home spa by installing a  steam shower. They add value to your home should you come to sell it and take up less space than a sauna or steam room. The benefits to your mental and physical health are amazing.

What exactly is a steam shower?

It is a simple enclosure that takes up little space as you can see with Leakfree Shower Cabins by Insignia. It is sealed so moisture does not escape. Step in, push a button and the shower’s steam generator heats water to boiling point. Then the steam goes through the shower system and comes out of the steam head.

You make the shower work to your individual tastes as with an ordinary shower. You can change the temperature and decide how long you want your shower session to last.

The best steam showers have sound systems, mood lighting and even various scents.

A healthy option

Steam showers are lovely to have as a feature in your home. They also come with some very real health benefits.

  • Steam clears stuffy nasal passages so is good when you have a cold or for allergy sufferers
  • There’s no better way to relax after exercise than an indulgent steam shower as the warmth opens up the capillaries allowing blood to flow in a way that removes metabolic waste.
  • It is believed that steam showers reduce blood pressure and improve circulation.
  • The steam is great for skincare as it opens your pores. Healthy perspiration reduces the likelihood of pimples and blackheads.
  • If ever there was a year when we needed to give in to some vital self-care, it is this one. Manage stress by spending time in a steam shower and feel the physical and mental strain of the day disappear.

Save money and time

Although there is an initial financial outlay when you install a steam shower, you do save the costs associated with travel to spa days and the costs of the sessions too. In 20 minutes of use, a steam shower only consumes about 2 gallons of water compared to the 50 or more gallons that a conventional shower would use over the same duration. That is one reason why many designers are starting to include them in eco-friendly home designs.

It is fantastic to just be able to access your steam shower whenever the mood takes you rather than having to travel a long way and plan for that.

Do you fancy a steam shower for your home?

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