How to Get Rid of Pregnancy Acne

When someone gets pregnant, it is highly common for that person to get acne. During pregnancy, a person goes through various hormonal changes in her body, and those changes can cause different changes in different body parts, and one of them is acne breaking out of the skin. Acne doesn’t only get caused due to hormonal changes either, during pregnancy a person goes through a huge amount of emotional distress, which can also cause problems like acne.

And due to that, acne is one of the most common things suffered by pregnant women all over the world. People take various measures to get rid of acne, as there are numerous over-the-counter medications available along with prescription medications. But complications start when a person is pregnant, as a pregnant person can’t take all types of meds. It can be dangerous for them to use usual meds.

So, they need treatment methods that won’t only help them get rid of acne, also won’t have side effects of any kind on their health. Let’s have a look at the things you can do to get rid of the pregnancy acne you or someone close to you is suffering from-

Causes of Pregnancy Acne

As said earlier, the hormonal changes a pregnant woman goes through are the primary reasons for her facing pregnancy acne. Two hormones are particularly responsible for causing this acne, and these hormones are androstenedione and testosterone. Both of these hormones belong to the same hormone family and the hormones from that family are called “androgens”.

When a woman possesses these androgen hormones at a higher than normal level, they can face problems such as acne, polycystic ovary syndrome, and even infertility. Based on the findings of various studies, the levels of these hormones increase significantly during the first trimester of pregnancy, and they continue to increase throughout the whole pregnancy.

These hormones work to stimulate the oil production activities too much in the sebaceous glands of a person’s skin. Due to the higher oil production, the sebaceous glands then produce sebum in an excessive amount that can clog the skin pores and cause lesions of acne as a result.

Treatments and Medications

As the cause of acne highly depends on the sebum production in the sebaceous glands, most treatments available in the market focus on controlling the production of sebum. Also, clearing up the clogged pores is prioritized by these treatments. Now, these treatments are of two types, medications and some at-home treatment methods.

You can find various anti-acne products in the market that contain benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is a type of beta-hydroxy acid, and it reduces acne by dissolving dead skins. The pores get cleared up as a result of the dissolving, and the acne gets reduced. The Benzoyl Peroxide kills off the bacteria that causes acne and clears up the pores with excess oil and dead skin cells too.

Pregnant women with acne can use products that possess the above-mentioned ingredients to get rid of acne. But using these products can come with some sort of side effects, which come in the form of skin reactions such as irritation in the skin, skin dryness, peeling, etc.

There are some medications according to the ACOG that must be totally avoided by pregnant women, as they can increase the chances of congenital disabilities as well as various other complications. Here are the medications- Isotretinoin, Topical Retinoids, Hormonal therapy, and Oral Tetracyclines.

Light Therapy

Apart from the medications, a pregnant woman can get rid of acne by going through some at-home measures. And among those measures, taking light therapy at home by using a light therapy device can be the best. Light therapy is one of the most effective forms of therapy, and it has gained immense popularity in recent times due to its numerous benefits.

Light therapy can provide its users with numerous benefits such as sleeping problems, skin problems, muscle building, muscle pain, various types of pain and wound, hair loss problems, weight loss, and various mental health problems such as seasonal affective disorders, anxiety disorder, depression, stress, etc. But most importantly, light therapy is really well known for its effectiveness in treating acne.

Light therapy helps to deal with various skin problems without any kind of side effect, and acne is one of them. Light therapy devices emit a strong light, and you will have to expose your affected skin to that light. The light will penetrate your skin and will work on a cellular level to generate necessary chemical reactions and hormones to deal with your acne.

There are various types of light therapy devices, but you can specifically go for face masks to treat the acne on your face. You can easily use any light therapy device at your home, and this therapy doesn’t have notable side effects for pregnant women. So, it is safe to use during pregnancy. The light emitted by a light therapy device will deal with the bacteria responsible for the acne, and also will deal with the clogged pores by cleaning them up. Moreover, light therapy can also be of help during pregnancy by providing comfort and relaxation and lifting up the mood.

Final Words

Acne is something that can make one feel really annoyed and irritated. And if it happens during pregnancy one’s mood can get really worse, so it is important to treat this problem. It is needed to be done in a safe way so that the person doesn’t dace any complications due to the treatment process, so make sure to go through the abovementioned treatment methods.




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