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Amazing Things To Add To Your Back Garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, you need to make the most out of it. Some people would kill to afford a house that has a lovely backyard.  It’s almost an insult to people like this if you let yours become overgrown and unused!

For me, the best way to utilise a garden is to add loads of useful things to it. This doesn’t mean that you clutter it up with a lot of junk! No, it means you’re adding things that serve a purpose and can improve your garden or home. 

On that note, I’ve made a list of different items you could add to your garden this year. Don’t assume you have to add them all, just pick whichever ones suit your home the most!

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A patio/deck

If you have space – or are willing to sacrifice your lawn – a patio or deck is a must-have. This gives your garden a new dimension and instantly makes it more functional. Plus, patios and decks are gorgeous, so you add to the aesthetic value. Speaking of value, they both add to the financial value of your home as well! 

All in all, it’s a fine thing to add to a garden area. Now, you have a lovely place to relax, eat dinner, and entertain some guests. Of course, there are so many things you can do with a patio/deck, which only enhances the lure of them. 


It’s only when someone tells you to add lights to your garden that you realise how obvious it is. Still, loads of homeowners don’t have any outdoor lighting at all. Okay, you might have one light that’s attached to your house and shines out into the garden. I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about more stylish lighting options!

By adding some outdoor lighting, you will transform how your garden looks at night. It will have a lovely glow that makes every corner pop. Also, you set a nice ambience if you’re sitting outdoors or hosting a garden party. I’ve actually written an article on some creative lighting ideas for your garden – feel free to check it out by following the link. 

A garden shed

Again, this is an option that only works if you have a big enough garden. Or, as with a patio, you might need to sacrifice some of your lawn. However, I think a garden shed is such a brilliant addition for many reasons. Firstly, it will look cute and makes your garden look more homely. Secondly, it can take advantage of wasted space and will make your garden more practical. Finally (and this is my favourite reason) it provides extra storage space for your home! 

That’s correct, you can use this shed to keep boxes and other belongings that you have no room for inside your house. In conjunction with the next addition, a shed can be used to clear space in a basement or attic. Move storage boxes into your shed, and you suddenly have an empty room. Now, you can convert that into another functional room in your house. 

See, adding things to your garden won’t just benefit the exterior, it will also help the interior of your home!

A water tank

Admittedly, this seems like the least glamorous thing so far. Why would you want to add a water tank to your garden? Well, it links back to the previous point about a garden shed. Think about where a water tank typically goes in your house. Nine times out of ten, it will be in your attic, and the other time it will be in your basement. The problem with this is that it basically renders those rooms as useless. You can’t do much with your attic if there’s a water tank in there! 

So, get a water tank added to your garden instead. This way, you clear out the attic and can actually use it. It may give you an extra bedroom – or possibly even a home office. As for your garden, it doesn’t suffer that much from the water tank. You can get discreet ones, and you can also get concrete water tanks that blend in with the surroundings. Some people find them stylish, but I’d add one purely for the practical benefits. 

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Flowers should have a place in your back garden. I think they add so much colour and life to an outdoor space. Without them, your garden becomes a bland mix of greens. Plant a few flowerbeds along the sides to create a stunning garden awash with colours. It will look like a painting that’s come to life!


The beauty of a flowerbed is that it gives you a little gardening project to try. You will head outside and tend to the flowers all the time. There’s also a strange sense of satisfaction when things start to grow! As if that’s not enough, you can also change what you plant during different seasons. So, it gives your garden a mixture of colours all-year-round. 

A vegetable patch

Lastly, consider adding a veggie patch to your garden. This is a small area where you try to grow your own fruit and veg. It will surprise you how many things you can grow when you actually try. Tomatoes are popular, but so are herbs. You can literally grow stuff like basil and mint in your garden, negating the need to buy them from a shop ever again. 

Obviously, you can make this patch as big as you like. If you have a small garden and want to grow a couple of herbs, then set a tiny patch for them. Or, if you want to turn your garden into a mini-allotment, nobody will stop you!

On that rather tasty note, we’ll end things here. Remember, you don’t need to put all of these things in your garden, just the ones that make sense to you. I’m sure there’s at least one thing on this list that has caught your attention!

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  • rawsonjl

    We are fortunate enough to have both a patio and a deck and we use them so much in the summer. It’s the perfect little extension of our home.

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