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Flooring trends for your home

Before becoming a parent and home-maker I did not think about flooring much. If I could walk on it that was enough for me. Flooring much like storage becomes of deep interest when you start a family. There are practical considerations but also the more time you spend at home the more attractive you want it to be. As a stay at home mum, any way to remember who you are in terms of taste and fashion is welcome. Let’s look at flooring trends for 2018.

I encourage you to check out online just how amazing laminate and wood flooring can be with the injection of vibrant colours and interesting shapes. I have never thought of flooring as an art form before but why not?

I am pleased to see that recycling is playing more of a part in our flooring reusing old materials in new ways. I am a bit late to environmental awareness but the more I look into the future of our planet, the more I see why we need to take action to protect it now. I am intrigued to hear how fishing nets can now be made into carpets for example. Similarly, I am fascinated at how cork floors can now replicate the look of wood or stone. Cacoa shells are another material used in 21st century flooring.

You can now personalize your flooring perhaps with a company logo or an inspirational quote.

Laser technology is now used to enhance the aesthetic appeals of our floors. Flooring is not as boring as I used to imagine. You might even want to experiment with different textures on the same floor. The world really is your oyster when it comes to the floor beneath your feet.

Of course carpets are a traditional way of injecting warmth and colour into the home but I am not a fan as they get dirty so easily. However, if you are a domestic goddess carpets and rugs are a way to express yourself. I do love how handmade carpets celebrating real craftsmanship are on trend this year. Artists are drawing on their own histories and the beauty of nature both of which are to be encouraged.

So what are your favourite flooring trends this year?

Flooring Trends


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  • Donna

    What great ideas! I love tiles and Morrocan style rugs! I’m slightly obsessed with tiles actually. There’s a Pinterest board! #FamilyFunLinky

  • Alana - Burnished Chaos

    We have laminate or tiles all through the house and it’s a godsend when you have kids spilling things all the time or muddy dogs running round. I do like carpet on the stairs though.
    Thank you for joining #FamilyFunLinky x

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