Preparing Your Child For University

Preparing your child for university life

When it comes to raising children, there’s a lot of things they have to learn for themselves. You do all you can to make sure they’re ready for major events and experiences such as GCSEs and A-Levels, but ultimately, it’s up to them. And one of these such experiences is university, which is a huge undertaking for anyone to handle. Here are some tips on preparing your child for life at university.

Preparing your child  for life at university

So all you can do in return is advise them, and give them your best advice. If there’s someone in your family who knows absolutely that university is for them, it’s time to do your best to prepare them for standing on their own two feet. Whilst you’re only going to be on the end of the phone whenever they run into some trouble, you can’t jump in to conjure up a solution for them (no matter how much you want to!).

With that in mind, below are some of the biggest questions you should talk through with your child before they head off.


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Whether They Should Work as Well

Working whilst working towards a degree isn’t something a lot of people would advocate to do. However, sometimes the loan itself isn’t enough for your needs, and getting a part time or side job would pay your way a lot easier. Make sure you talk about this with your kid before they head off by themselves, as a second opinion and some reassurance would really help here.

How to Pay for Their Car

That’s if they’re going to be driving at all, which sometimes is the wrong way to commute when it comes to university towns and navigating campus. On the one hand they could simply purchase a railcard or a bus pass, but on the other hand, if they have the wheels available, they could make a real go of it.

However, it’s not just the petrol they’re going to have to worry about. There’s the insurance as well, and in a town full of young people on nights out, it’s definitely going to come in handy! Head to GoCompare to find student friendly plans and considerations, and get the best quote for the loan your child is on.

How They’re Going to Feed Themselves

Being able to buy food each week to stock your cupboards up with is one thing, another is being able to arrange and cook those foods into an edible format! It’s crazy how many students are living from noodle cup to soup packet because they don’t know the nutrients that are actually available to them!

Go through some recipes right now, make sure your child has the basics down, and even give them a copy of Grandma’s fabled cookbook. Anything is going to help here, and you don’t want your avid student making themself sick over improperly cooked chicken!

Helping your kid to make up their mind about some big decisions is as far as your mentoring should go, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep quiet whenever you see them about to make a mistake!

Do you have tips for preparing your child for university life?

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