5 Ways to Find Out Whether a Destination is Family-Friendly

When you’re travelling with kids, you want to know whether the place you’re visiting is suitable for families. Nothing is worse than being the only family in local restaurants, or finding there’s nothing for kids to do nearby, and you risk ruining a lot of couples’ romantic retreats if you bring the children to the wrong resort. Here are some ways to check whether a place is family friendly before you book.

  1. Read the Reviews

Review sites can be hit or miss when it comes to honesty and useful information. However, many of the major travel review sites do have a useful feature; they show the age of the reviewer and who they travelled with. Look at some of the attractions and restaurants in the area you’re considering and see where the good reviews are coming from. If most places are recommended for romantic nights out or upmarket dining, then it may not generally be a family-friendly area.

  1. Look at the Local Accommodation on Offer

Even if you’ve already chosen your accommodation and aren’t interested in local hotels, it’s worth seeing what the resorts are like in the area and who they cater for. If they have things like kids’ clubs and family dining, then the town in general is likely to be a family place. For example, if you’re looking for villas in Aphrodite Hills, doing a bit of digging shows that this particular resort has quite a lot of adult-focused activities like golf and a spa, but there are also family-friendly extras like a playground, so people with kids won’t feel out of place.

  1. Check Out the Local Attractions

An area with a lot of theme parks, waterparks and zoos is likely to attract families, so if you can see lots of kid-friendly things to do nearby, then younger ones should be happy. If you’re staying somewhere where the main attractions are museums, historic buildings and cultural things, then it’s likely that other holidaymakers will be couples or have older children. It doesn’t mean you can’t take younger children, but you may have to be a little more organised to keep them entertained.

  1. See What Your Accommodation Offers

Many travel companies are now seeing the importance of catering for families, so gone are the days of having to lug a travel cot on the plane. Look for accommodation that has extras such as free highchair and cot hire, as these are usually set in areas popular with families.

  1. Follow Travel-Focused Blogs

There are a number of family-focused travel blogs written by parents which offer a wealth of advice for those seeking a stress-free break. Even with all the information online about various resorts, it can be hard to know which places are truly family friendly, so look on Google and see what bloggers are saying about the resort. While they may have been sponsored, they’ll usually give an honest review about what’s on offer.

When you book a holiday for family, you want to know if the place is family friendly. A little bit of research before you book ensures you find a place that’s suitable for all ages.

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