5 Practical Ways A Pastor’s Wife Can Support Her Husband

Being a pastor’s wife is challenging as you share your husband with the church. You have to settle in a backseat role most of the time as your partner dedicates himself to the ministry. Moreover, you may find yourself raising your children alone as their father misses out on school events and parental duties. Things get stressful and daunting because you feel lonely while handling the family. But you must understand that your husband needs your support to do his best as a pastor and a family man. He bears a massive burden of serving God and being on the front lines of winning disciples. Your support can help him deal with the challenges of his job. Here are some practical ways to be his support system.

Pray for him

Life is challenging for a church leader as he battles temptation and convinces people to embrace faith with his words. Handling the responsibilities of being a parent and partner can make things even tougher. Pray for him to seek strength and courage to stay ahead of his challenges and weaknesses. Consider it a part of your spousal duties, and make it a part of your daily routine.

Hand him to the Lord

A church leader belongs to God, regardless of his personal life and relationships. Although he will do his best to balance ministry, marriage, and family, the last thing you should try is to pull him down with your expectations. It will only distract him from his duties and make life more stressful as he struggles to maintain equilibrium in all his roles. Surrender your partner to the Lord and let him find a way to give time to the family.

Respect his office as a disciple-maker

As a pastor, your husband plays a crucial part in making disciples. The feeling of sharing him with his followers can be painful, but respecting his office is the best way to deal with the negative emotions. Encourage him to go for discipleship training to do better at work and earn acclaim as a pastor. Remember that he is all yours at home, so let him do his bit in the office.

Be his biggest cheerleader

Another way to support your pastor partner is by being his biggest cheerleader. Attend the services or events he ministers as your presence can make him more confident. You may have a tough time fitting them into your tight schedule as a mommy, but try to be there whenever possible. You can even suggest a pointer or two to make improvements in the future.

Steer clear of negativity

Your role as a church leader’s wife can be challenging as you manage a lot alone while he travels for his mission. You may have to bear most of the burden at home and with childcare without his help. It is easy to feel stressed and offended, but do not let negativity get the best of you. Consider yourself at God’s service as you back up someone who serves God. A positive mindset as a mom makes your children more loving and caring toward their father.

A pastor’s wife has a lot more to do than any other woman. But you must go the extra mile by supporting your husband so that he can succeed at mentoring and leading others.

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