The Case For Wood Floor Vents In Home Flooring

When you invested in gorgeous new hardwood flooring, did you stop to consider how your floor vents fit into the room plan? Do you even know what those things on the floor are or how they work? While there are many different kinds of materials to choose from, wood floor vents are the natural choice for hardwood floors for several key reasons.

What Are Floor Vents?

Floor vents are a crucial part of your home’s HVAC system. Your furnace, heat pump and air conditioner work hard to control the indoor temperature and airflow. However, the air must have a way of getting to different parts of your house. Air ducts travel from those systems to each room to let out through a vent in the wall or floor. Thus, floor vents and registers cover the air duct opening through which fresh air circulates to heat or cool the room.

The words “vent” and “register” are often used interchangeably because they provide the same function. However, there is a slight mechanical difference between the two. Vents are a stationary grate that simply covers the air duct opening, while a register has moving dampers that can be set open or closed to adjust the amount of airflow. Neither one is necessarily better than the other; it’s merely a matter of personal preference.

Why Use Wood Floor Vents?

Both vents and registers can be made from metal, plastic or wood. However, wood floor vents offer a few key advantages over other materials for hardwood floors.

Seamless Aesthetics

First of all, floor vents made of wood are much more aesthetically pleasing. A drab grey metal or white plastic would stick out like a sore thumb on your otherwise beautiful hardwood floors. Wood floor vents can be made in the same wood species used in your hardwood flooring, stained, and then finished to match

In addition to this, you can also opt for flush-mount vents, as opposed to self-rimming vents. Self-rimming vents drop into the vent hole, leaving only a thin edge overlapping on top of the floor on all sides. On the other hand, Flush-mount vents are installed directly in line with the floor, rather than creating a rim on top of the floor. Flush-mount vents are highly attractive because this seamless look blends perfectly into the surrounding hardwood floor, ensuring there won’t be any unsightly contrast.

Cleaning & Interior Decorating

Flush-mount wood vents are also extremely easy to incorporate into interior décor. You won’t have to worry about placing your furniture around the vent’s edges when it is flush with the floor. There is also no risk of catching those edges on your feet or shoes while walking past.

For the same reason, flush-mount vents are especially simple to vacuum and sweep. However, both kinds of wood vents offer the hypoallergenic benefits of hardwood, keeping your home clear of pet dandruff, pollen, dust and hair. Plus, you can easily remove self-rimming vents from the floor to vacuum the air duct opening underneath. Remember, it’s a good idea to clean your vents and change your air filters twice a year.

Start Envisioning Your Ideal Home

From the day you purchase your home until the day you no longer own it, your home is a continual work-in-progress. But it is a project of passion that you enjoy tackling whenever the inspiration hits. As you make more and more improvements over the years, your home gradually transforms into your custom-made paradise. As such, every little detail counts toward making your dream home.

Wood floor vents are no exception. Not only do they keep in line with the sophistication of your elegant hardwood floors, but they are also much more practical for the everyday homeowner in terms of cleaning and decorating. With the subtle addition of wood floor vents, your hardwood floors can go above and beyond what you expected them to accomplish toward your vision for your home.

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