5 Reasons to use self storage

There are times in life where you need to move your belongings and often at speed. Self storage is a great option meaning you can keep your things safe until you are able to put them in their new home. I have used self storage and found it a lifesaver. I only wish I had used it recently instead of trusting my husband to look after my sentimental items such as family photographs, personal letters and school reports. I have learned a very valuable lesson the hard way. Anyway, my husband cannot steal my memories so let’s get on with writing about 5 reasons to use self-storage.

Moving house

I used self storage in Hampshire when I moved house. Our new home was not ready for us for a few months so it made sense to keep our goods in a safe place. I was actually quite surprised how easy and convenient self storage with companies like Now Storage self storage can be. It provides peace of mind even when going through the inevitable stress around relocation.

Changing offices

If you are moving your business to a smaller office or at all, self-storage can be handy. You can still get to your business things when you need to. In the meantime, you know they are ready for when you need them. Companies store anything from cars to furniture.

University students

My son is studying politics and sociology at Exeter University. It is a new normal where I don’t have the help of my husband to transport him to and from university for the holidays. This is quite a shock to the system for my son and myself. Self storage offers a temporary place to keep his items like his printer and mini-fridge whilst we get sorted.

Going abroad

Self storage proved particularly useful when my family moved overseas to France. We probably used it for too many months to be honest as it was so convenient. We were too busy enjoying the French lifestyle to get back for our things. Eventually we did and it was great to see them all in exactly the same state as when we left them in self storage.

Relationship breakdown

When a relationship breaks down, it should be amicable for the sake of everyone’s emotional wellbeing. Sadly this is not always the case as I have found to my cost. Myself and my 3 children are devastated at the loss of our personal items such as my daughter’s toy collection, family jewelery and more. My husband will say he has sent a parcel but then say it is not coming after all. He has said he has tipped my items and then says he has not. I wish I had the foresight to use self-storage to protect sentimental items for future generations.

Self storage is helpful in so many situations. Have you used it?


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