Affordable Ways To Make Your Home Warmer

Do you ever feel like heating your home costs a fortune? Energy bills can be high for those who do not utilize effective heating or interior tips. If you find yourself paying way more for your heating than you used to, you may want to look over a few things. Here are some tips and affordable ways to make your home warmer.

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Regulate the temperature with insulation

Although we cannot see insulation, as it is hidden behind walls and above ceilings, it makes a huge difference. If you want to lower your energy bills and warm up your home, you should install attic insulation. 

Blown In Fiberglass Insulation is essential for reducing the cost of energy bills. If your attic is freezing, fiberglass can separate the temperature and not make the floor underneath cold. It is inexpensive and can save you more money than the price you pay for it within a few months.

Switch to smart energy

You can benefit from updating your central heating system, as an old one might be hiking up the energy bill price. One of the biggest ways to save money on your central heating is to have a good thermostat that gives you lots of control. Many people are switching to smart thermostats that can be controlled by your smartphone or other devices.

Add mobile controls

Smart energy thermostats can often come with control features that allow you to set timers. This means you can change the temperature or times the heating comes on from your phone. If you forget to turn off the heating before leaving the house, you can do so from your mobile. The aim of the thermostat is to allow you to program time schedules to ensure the heating is always at the right temperature.  With smart thermostats, you can even select different heating patterns for different days of the week.  So, say you work late on a Thursday or you take the kids swimming on a Tuesday evening – you can set the thermostat to stay on a low setting until the time you come in for those specific days. Adding thermostat controls to individual radiators also gives you extra control.  This lets you set a lower temperature in unused rooms while a higher one in the bathroom, for example.

Add rugs

If you have a wooden floor or carpet and find the floors feel cold when the heating is not on, you should add rugs. Warm soft textures throughout the home hold heat and make the area feel and look warmer. 

Clean your radiators

Making sure that your system water (the water that lives in your pipes and radiators) is clean and free of sludge will mean that your heating system is more efficient. It’s also good for the ongoing life of your boiler and central heating system. A clear sign that your system may be overly sludgy is if you have cold spots on your radiators, or if some radiators take an age to heat up compared to others. Clean them to ensure the water flows effectively and heats up your home quicker.


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