Dressing Sexy the Right Way

Every woman loves to hear the compliment, “You look sexy,” especially when it’s from someone she loves. And even when it’s from a random person, she has a feeling of satisfaction, regardless of her outward reaction. Imagine staying out the whole day without getting a single “hello” from the guys or some ladies. Such an encounter would leave worrying thoughts for a long time. Dressing sexy does not imply exposing your boobs – far from that.

On the contrary, the above term means rocking a sexy dress that complements your taste and lifestyle with confidence. With the right outfit, you don’t have to rack your brain on what to wear to a dinner date. Additionally, it is not in the number of dresses you have, but the art of combining them to create the ideal fashion language. You can have heads turning with a female polo shirt and denim.

Combining the Right Fashion Elements

You can accentuate your feminine features without showing off too much skin. A simple see-through top requires a bra of the same colour. Camisoles are also an excellent choice of lingerie. Here is a rule of thumb. If one section of your body is a bit opened, you should cover the other part to create balance. Exposing your upper and lower parts would send the wrong message.

Fitting sexy dresses bring out your sexual highlights without exposing many details. Additionally, it makes you look smart. However, avoid extremely tight clothes. Baggies are a big NO, except you intend to appear casual. Not everyone has the same physical assets – some are bigger than others. Your butt may best your best part, while someone else may prefer their legs. Whatever the case is, finding the right outfit will help you downplay unwanted areas and enhance eye-catching features.

Your Body Shape is Important

Here is a guideline that will help you identify your areas of weakness and strength with their solutions:

  • For sexy arms, get sleeveless tops.
  • If you admire your back a lot, open-backs are your go-to outfits.
  • Short skirts are ideal for sexy legs

It is high time you replaced your loose skirts, bulky sweaters, and baggy Tees with form-fitting skirts, dark hue turtlenecks, and firm v-necks, respectively. Avoid masking your face with heavy layers of makeup. Also, padded bras are not sexy, as applied to revealing too much of your body parts.

Final Piece of the Puzzle

You might have pondered on how to stay sexy with a small body frame. Perhaps, your dresses are form-fitting, but you are worried about your looks. Here is the thing; leave your audience with imagination. Let their minds be the jury, judge, and executioner. Men love to let their minds wander. That way they crave your attention. Going nude gives them the impression that there is nothing left to see. As such, you want to consider your clothing style, length, and fit.

As discussed before, if your focus is on your upper region, ensure that you conceal the lower part as much as possible, and vice-versa. By doing so, you stay sexy but classy.

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