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Benefits of laminate flooring

I don’t remember seeing laminate flooring as a child so perhaps it is a relatively recent invention. I think the first time I saw it up close was when I had asked a mum at my son’s nursery to look after my toddler son when nursery ended one night. I think I needed help because of a family funeral where my son was not welcome to attend. I know I was really nervous about asking her but she was lovely. When we collected our son I remember how impressed I was by her sleek flooring. It looked so easy to clean and smart. Of course laminate flooring comes at a price so today I am considering the benefits of laminate flooring.

Benefits of laminate flooring

Laminate flooring looks like real wood flooring. It seems to improve all the time with genuine looking finishes. It can be mass manufactured which brings the prices down. So it is great for those of us who have to work to a budget when it comes to home improvements. Laminate flooring is hard-wearing so is perfect for busy households. It is relatively simple to install with an in-built click system.

Scratch and Water Resistant

In busy family life, it is impossible to avoid accidents happening particularly if you have children and/or pets. Guests are not always as careful as they should be when they visit your home. Laminate is good at resisting scratches and spillages. Although it is designed with everyday life in mind, it is not impossible to damage. It is important to take sensible precautions such as putting pads under furniture legs and placing mats down at entrances and exits where there will be heavy footfall.

It can go just about anywhere. I think it comes into its own in kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories. Solid wood can be a problem where there is the potential for spillages or humidity. The backing layers on laminate mean moisture from below can be guarded against.

Easy to clean

Anything that helps reduce the amount of housework you have to do has my vote. Cleaning laminate is easy to do as you just need to regularly sweep and mop with mild detergent and water.  It is also perfect for allergy sufferers as there is nowhere for dust or allergens to hide.

Are you a fan of laminate flooring?




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  • rawsonjl

    We just started replacing the carpeting in all three of our boys’ rooms with laminate plank flooring and we are really liking it. I think laminate flooring has come a long way in just a few short years.

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