How You Can Make Your Blog Attractive To PRs

How Can You Make Your Blog Attractive To PRs?

Many bloggers wonder why some of their peers seem to get all the opportunities from public relations companies whilst nobody ever reaches out to them. It can be disheartening when you are putting your heart and soul into your blog. Blogging is not just about writing a post. You have to think how to promote that blog to attract readers perhaps via linkies and social media. You are advised to come up with an attractive Pin to use on Pinterest. You have to remember to search engine optimise your blog posts. All this takes a lot of time and effort. So if you are a blogger who would like more success with PRs, here is a powerful interview with Sam Levene of The Audit Lab which will tell you how you can make your blog attractive to PRs.

How do you find bloggers to work with? Where do you look to find blogger details?

I would start by searching through tags and trends on social media, most people stick to twitter but I like to venture through Instagram every now and then too.

I also take a look through the contacts I already have and see who they’re liking and interacting with and even ask them for recommendations, so if you’re a blogger – build relationships with other bloggers!

A great website to use is also Bloggers Required.  It makes it easier for bloggers to come to us. It does have a cost but it’s a great tool if you have not yet found your way on social media.

What makes you interested in working with a blogger? How can you make your blog attractive to PRs?

I like when a blogger has established their own niche, is passionate about it and it comes through on the blog. It doesn’t have to be the grand professionalism of blogs but it should be looked after and work well for the tone.

The blogger should have relevant, consistent posts and it’s always helpful to get a feel of their personality through social media too – it’s a much more casual platform to let people know what you’re about!

What are the biggest sins a blogger can commit from a PR perspective?

From my experience the biggest sin in the PR world is having content on the site that doesn’t match up to the bloggers tone. If a travel blog had a post about baking, I’d find it quite disconnected and sometimes forced.

Also, sometimes their contact details are difficult to find. I’ve had quite a few bloggers I would’ve liked to contact that haven’t had an email on their blog, or it’s too hidden away.

It’s great to venture out of your comfort zone every once in a while, but make sure you’re not just jumping on a bandwagon if it’s not right for you.

What qualities and skills would make a blogger perfect for a PR to work with?

The best bloggers to work with are the ones with a great attitude, and  who value our relationship. Bloggers who aren’t afraid to think outside the box and let you know their ideas.

A blogger who has a target audience and creates consistent content for that audience is also one I’d contact. Are they targeting mums, fashion lovers, foodies, other bloggers? If they know and love what they do, it’s telling and you can see when a blogger is posting for the sake of posting – it’s a bit all over the place.

Do you encourage bloggers to pitch you with their ideas? How should they do this?

I am more than happy to hear from a blogger about their idea, if their blog is relevant to me or my clients. Engaging with us on twitter and not being afraid to reach out can be a great way to start off your blog and gain the contacts relevant to you.

What part of a blog do you look at first when visiting for the first time?

While followers and domain authority is important, I like to get a feel for the personality, and I want the topics of interest to be clear. And then if it’s relevant to the clients I work with, I’d be sure to get in touch with them.

Do bloggers need to be active on all social media platforms and Pinterest for you to work with them? What matters most to you – Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram?

Whilst it’s great to have an overall social media presence, I don’t personally think it’s necessary to be constantly active on every platform. If they have a great blog and interact with others via Twitter / Instagram or wherever they choose that’s what matters. That way I know they care about their audience.

Do you check the authenticity of social media followings?

I don’t usually if I don’t have a reason to, at a quick glance it’s easy to know if someone is unauthentic – their follow / engagement ratio will seem off. For example, if someone is always getting more likes than they have followers, it’s very obvious.

Do you look at a blogger’s domain authority? What other measures of a blogger’s performance matter to you?

In our number focused world, a lot of PRs may look for the DA first, and then whether the site looks professional and clean. I do look at these things, however someone could have a low DA but a really cool blog and great social media presence or vice versa, it’s always unique to the person.

DA is something that’s developed over time, a blogger I’m working with today might have a really high DA next year. Unless you’re lucky blogging won’t make you money when starting, so I appreciate all the hard work that goes into it and wouldn’t discount someone for that reason alone.

If a blogger asked you for a honest critique of their blog, would you respond to them?

If it was someone I’d worked with before or built an excellent relationship with, of course I’d be happy to help. Reviews are a great way to boost your online reliability!

So what actions will you take from this insight into how PRs consider blogs. How can you make your blog more attractive to PRs?


How You Can Make Your Blog Attractive To PRs

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