B12 Shots

B12 Shots And Injections – what you need to know

Many of us suffer from a deficiency of Vitamin B12 in the body which  may mean we need B12 shots. Lack of the vitamin can cause trouble to the health and wellbeing. Vitamin B12 plays an important role in keeping red blood cells healthy. It also aids in the formation of DNA which keeps the body functioning just the way it should. If you are someone who follows a plant-based diet and believes that you have enough vitamin B12, you could be wrong. Without B12, the body cannot perform the daily functions and there could be serious consequences for your health and wellbeing.

Injections and shots are one form of supplementation which has proven to increase the level of vitamin B12 efficiently. However, they also have certain drawbacks which need to be carefully considered.

B12 shots

B12 shot is an injection which consists of a high dose of the vitamin. It helps increase the blood levels of individuals who are deficient. It is important to have a prescription for this injection. The shots will be injected inside the tissue every alternate day for the first two weeks. Once that is done, you will need a shot once in three months but it will vary based on your age and medical history. Individuals who have been diagnosed as deficient have many benefits to having shots. It is important to understand why they are better and then take the right decision. Here are a few reasons you need to consider B12 shots.

High energy levels: A vitamin B12 shot can help restore the energy levels to an ideal range. It will improve the availability of energy by aiding the conversion of nutrients into fuel. B12 will also treat anemia and will help increase the level of oxygen that is transported by red blood cells.

High metabolism: A rise in energy will help increase metabolism. When you are physically active, it will lead to greater consumption of calorie and when you combine it with healthy food and quality sleep, it will lead to weight loss. You will be able to burn more calories without even trying.

Low risk of chronic disease: Vitamin therapy is linked with a low risk of chronic condiments like breast cancer, prostate cancer in addition to heart disease. B12 can help reduce the levels of homocysteine which is also a risk factor for different types of heart diseases. This will reduce the risk of heart attack, a stroke or coronary heart disease.

Cognitive benefits: B12 deficiency has been termed as a risk element for vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. A deficiency in other vitamins like B6 and folic acid have been linked as well. The vitamin can be helpful for depression and mood control. It can also be because of its role in the development of nerves which is very important for brain function.

Other benefits: Many patients have reported other benefits including chronic pain relief, healthy hair, and clear skin. Relief from migraine has also been linked with B-vitamins because of their role in an efficient brain function. It plays a crucial role in women’s health. Whenever you are looking at health treatments and dietary changes, it is important to consider both the sides in the right manner.

The only drawback of the shots is compliance. Patients need to visit the medical center every alternate day and this can become very tedious. If you are not comfortable with the shots and want an alternative where you do not have to visit a medical center time and again, you can choose to use patches. They are safe and very effective. It has 160 times of the basic daily requirement and 1000mg dosage which will elevate the levels of your vitamin B12 in no time. Since it is a topical patch, the vitamin will be absorbed into the blood and is effective for those who have digestive disorders. It is the most natural method of boosting energy, reducing anxiety and focusing attention without the burden of taking pills.

Health experts state that Vitamin B12 is important to boost your energy and to enjoy a natural state of well being. Lack of Vitamin B12 can cause a number of problems in your mind and body. You can choose to take the vitamin through shots or through the patches. However, it is recommended that you get yourself tested before taking the vitamin in order to know the right amount of deficiency and how much you need to intake. Seek medical help if the deficiency is extremely high.

B12 Shots


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